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Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders Turn to Male Hormonal ‘Bio-Hacks’ for Business Boost

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‘More than 90% of our male clients are entrepreneurs, business leaders and managers of SMEs, who have identified and presented with a number of the core symptoms of the male menopause’, said Ross Tomkins, co-founder of Alphagenix. 

Some of the UK’s leading male entrepreneurs and small-medium enterprise (SME) business leaders are turning to hormonal ‘bio-hacks’ to boost and optimise their performance as part of an increasing trend in maximising performance in the business world.

Entrepreneurs and business leaders are part of a new trend of men now looking to tackle male menopause – also known as andropause – head-on and improve hormonal well-being in their business and personal lives. Many are educating themselves on the subject, being diagnosed and taking TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy) as part of an overall wellness plan of incremental diet, lifestyle, health and well-being changes to enhance and improve their mental health and physical well-being. The benefits to entrepreneurs and business owners are immense and proven:

  • Improved clarity of thought and decision making
  • Optimising physical and mental performance
  • Boosting energy levels
  • Maintaining a competitive edge
  • Increasing drive and focus 
  • Increased levels of fitness
  • Enhanced mood and well being

Ross Tomkins, author, healthcare investor and qualified physiotherapist, is one of those successful business owners who, 11 years ago, was diagnosed as suffering from male menopause and low testosterone when he was 32 years old. He calls his diagnosis and treatment using testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) ‘life-changing’ both in his personal and business life – and a fundamental component of his business success today. 

Ross decided to set up Alphagenix to raise awareness of his hormonal journey with andropause. He wanted to educate men on improving their hormonal health and well-being. Alphagenix specialises in the education, diagnosis and treatment of male menopause and is also one of the leading experts in TRT.

Conscious of his own experiences with doctors and therapy, Ross wanted to create a unique, personalised and quality-led service through Alphagenix, which provides education, investigation, diagnosis and treatment and ensures continual monitoring using periodic blood tests and consultations. As someone with a 20-year career in the healthcare and well-being sector – and who has been on the andropause journey himself, he built the core foundations of Alphagenix on first-hand knowledge and personal experience. 

Ross Tomkins said: ‘We have seen a huge surge of interest in what we do at Alphagenix from entrepreneurs, CEOs, and business leaders wanting to learn more about male menopause and get diagnosed. More than 90% of our male clients are entrepreneurs, business leaders and managers of SMEs, who have identified and presented with a number of the core symptoms of male menopause.’

‘Many of those clients are looking to optimise their performance and health in their day-to-day business lives. They want to have increased energy levels, better clarity, focus and concentration in their work and decision-making processes and to improve their overall health and well-being ultimately.’

Male menopause has for far too long been regarded as a myth. Still, increasingly the issue of men’s hormonal health is being taken much more seriously in the workplace and business culture because of the huge impact it can have on men in their day-to-day lives and their personal relationships.

It has also been widely acknowledged to have a hugely adverse effect on personal performance in the business world. It can affect personal performance and contribute to a reduced sense of well-being, concentration, mood, and energy levels, ultimately impacting performance in the business and workplace. Symptoms include: 

  • Brain fog, difficulty in remembering
  • Lack of focus and concentration in decision making
  • Low energy levels
  • Lack of sex drive
  • Fatigue and tiredness at work
  • Reduced muscle strength
  • Increased body fat
  • Osteoporosis
  • Depression

Men are now seeking better knowledge and education on the subject, getting diagnosed, being tested and starting TRT as part of a wider ‘bio-hack’ tool kit to optimise their performance and health alongside diet, meditation and exercise. The diagnosis’s core is a low testosterone count, leading to a wide range of symptoms, including low energy, reduced muscle mass or muscle weakness, poor focus, depression, obesity, insomnia, lack of libido, lack of motivation, and lowered self-esteem self-confidence. 

Ross can speak first-hand of his experience as someone diagnosed with male menopause at a relatively young age. Since his first diagnosis and treatment, Ross has become a highly successful investor and businessman in the healthcare, well-being and property sectors. Ross started six businesses, sold four of them, invested and acquired a further six companies. He cites his diagnosis and subsequent treatment as ‘ground-breaking’, giving him a new lease of life. Since his diagnosis 11 years ago, Ross has led an entire active life with a beautiful family. 

Ross Tomkins added: ‘Traditionally, we associate low testosterone with men over 55 generally, but alarmingly there are more and more young gentlemen being diagnosed in their 30s, as I was. We have a number of clients at Alphagenix who are in their thirties, and our youngest client is 29. Men must take this seriously and educate themselves on the issue, get tested and diagnosed.’ 

‘For any man at the top of his profession – either in business or as an entrepreneur – it’s really important to look after your physical and mental health. There are so many wider issues associated with the male menopause that can affect a man’s health, well-being and relationship.’

Ross was first diagnosed at the age of 32 after encountering a number of symptoms that included aching joints, a complete lack of focus and brain fog. His GP at the time suggested that perhaps his symptoms were ‘all in his head’, prompting Ross to search for a private physician with interest in men’s health.

After a 60-minute consultation, Ross was diagnosed with low testosterone and an iodine deficiency. Tests confirmed the diagnosis, and Ross began taking TRT and an iodine supplement. Ross felt the huge benefits of his treatment in a matter of days, while the private physician made further lifestyle recommendations and changes, including a specific diet. 

We are not claiming that TRT is a magic formula for business success. Still, many entrepreneurs, business owners, and leaders attest that it has made a huge difference in their personal lives, their business performance, and their day-to-day drive for success. They have more energy, clarity, and focus and feel more energised in their everyday lives.

This is critical when you’re making key decisions in your business. If you are on top of your health, optimising your sleep, diet and exercise and taking TRT, then it’s only natural to expect a positive mental and physical outlook on life

Alphagenix has a team of private doctors provided by BMP Medical Ltd., all UK-trained and registered with the General Medical Council (GMC). They continue to work in the NHS and private consulting. Alphagenix’s services are registered and regulated by the Care Quality Commission in the UK.

The clinical lead for Alphagenix is Dr Usman Sajjad, a GP with a special interest in sports exercise medicine and andropause. Having qualified as a doctor in 2014 from the University of Leeds and as a GP in 2020. He has worked in top-level sports such as premier league football, Rugby and professional boxing. He is currently employed as the personal doctor for several high-profile professional boxers, who are current world champions.

Having suffered personally from severe hypogonadism for a lot of 2020, Dr Sajjad understood how low testosterone impacted physical and mental health. He also competed as a superheavyweight amateur boxer from 2010 to 2014. His personal experience and recovery motivated him to join Alphagenix to help other men suffering from similar issues. He is an academic member of the European Academy of Andrology. Also, He runs his own The Doctor Uz Podcast show, in which he touches on a wide variety of subjects and interviews notable guests.

Ross Tomkins concluded: ‘It is absolutely vital that we have better hormonal education and treatment of menopause both for men and women. Men need to understand better how menopause affects their female partners. Women need to realise that their male partners might be masking their symptoms for fear of embarrassment or feeling emasculated. We also need much better education and understanding within the business world and the workplace.’  

‘We are making small steps, but we have a long way to go in understanding and treating men’s health in general. We have campaigns and awareness for testicular cancer and prostate cancer. Yet, we don’t know male menopause, which is also linked to prostate and testicular cancer.’

‘A huge part of the problem and lack of education is that men do not openly talk about their health to each other or open up to their partners. We tend to have the standard response: I’m fine – it’s nothing to worry about. I’d like to have male menopause discussed in the same way we now recognise mental health. ‘

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