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Making Sense of Mental Health: Live Stream on Facebook, 6th March 2019

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Join us tomorrow, Wednesday 6th March at 8.30pm GMT as we talk about how to make sense of mental health through blogging. This will be available for a live stream on Facebook with Prash K and Dev Modi of MenPowerment.

To join the conversation, head over to their Facebook page

About Urban Spirituality

Urban Spirituality is all about making spirituality work in an imperfect world – the show fuses ancient wisdom with contemporary spiritual practices and applied psychology, to deliver value adding tools, traits and insights to help people live their fullest potential.

Featuring authentic, unfiltered dialogue with guests from diverse backgrounds, traditions and disciplines, to inspire, entertain and enlighten audiences.

Mission statement

To add value and contribute to people’s spiritual and personal growth through meaningful conversation and heart-based self-expression.

Themes frequently covered

  • Practical spirituality
  • Life’s daily challenges lessons and solutions
  • Ancient wisdom for modern living
  • Personal development
  • Eastern philosophy applied to modern problems
  • Neuro-linguistic programming and applied psychology
  • Social engineering
  • Soul purpose
  • Human potential
  • Corporate spirituality
  • Personal transformation
  • Holistic wellness,
  • Overcoming obstacles in life
  • Personal journeys of change
  • Failures,
  • Lessons learned
  • Success tips 

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