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Makes You Fluent Review: Pros and Cons

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In the modern world, the ability to communicate in different languages is a skill many of us aspire to. Whether it’s to converse with locals, to advance in your career, or if you feel like learning a new skill, there are many reasons why people embark on a journey of personal growth and learn a new language. 

Makes You Fluent is an online platform that provides users with a personalized plan to teach them how to speak, write and listen in a new language. The app takes users on a journey of learning English, Spanish, French, German, Italian or Portuguese with an AI tutor and games, a personalized speaking plan and daily lessons to improve their skills. 

The app is a popular platform for learning languages, with many people embarking on learning a new language altogether or brushing up on their skills. Like every learning platform, some elements work effectively, and there are factors to consider. In this Makes You Fluent review, we’ll take a look at Makes You Fluent in more detail and the pros and cons of the learning tool. 

About makes you fluent

Makes You Fluent is a comprehensive learning tool that allows users to learn a new language with the help of an AI tutor, games, lessons and a personalized plan. Whether it’s English, Spanish, French, Italian, German or Portuguese, there are many options available for users to learn the grammar of a new language and how to speak, write and understand their language of choice. 

The program uses a quiz to understand the users’ background, reasons for learning a new language, and pre-existing knowledge. The quiz asks users their age and native language and discovers their base level of understanding through a series of examples and multiple-choice questions. 

Once the learning objectives and starting level have been assessed, users will receive a plan that’s sent to their email. 

The plan is based on the answers to the quiz and includes the following:

  • Daily lessons
  • A personalised speaking plan 
  • AI games 
  • An AI tutor 
  • Instant feedback to track your progress 

The plan will guide you through the learning process, allowing you to develop a wide range of skills increasing your confidence in speaking, reading and writing.

What are the advantages of Makes You Fluent?

Makes You Fluent has several advantages, making it a highly effective and valuable learning platform. Before you begin learning a new language, it’s essential to understand what the platform has to offer and how it will benefit you. 

Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of the online learning platform:

  • Personalised plan. One of the main advantages of the tool is the customized plan based on the answers to the initial quiz. This feature is highly effective, tailoring the programme towards the user’s learning objectives and pre-existing abilities. Letting users learn at their own pace with a personal touch is encouraging and will support their learning. 
  • Language options. The platform lets users choose from English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Portuguese, depending on their choice. This wide selection is helpful for users as they’re offered the chance to learn these popular languages.
  • AI tutor. The use of the AI tutor greatly benefits the platform as it offers a range of benefits. Unlike a human tutor, the AI tutor is constantly available, provides instant feedback, is non-judgemental and offers unlimited learning opportunities. The AI feature is practical, with users able to practice their skills and discuss infinite topics without a pressured environment. 
  • Progress tracking. The app offers instant feedback, which is helpful as it lets users track their progress and see how far they’ve come. The input will motivate users to continue their language progress and keep them focused and on target towards achieving their goals. 
  • Various plans. The app has three different subscription plans available: a one-month, a three-month and a sixth-month. This caters to various skill sets and abilities, as beginners may choose to embark on the more extended plan to allow themselves time to understand the basics. Advanced learners might use the shorter plan to improve their skills and polish their pre-existing knowledge.
  • Gamified approach. The gamified lessons and activities are a fun and engaging platform feature. This approach makes learning fun, more accessible and lets users develop their skills effectively but light-heartedly.  

These advantages highlight the app’s effectiveness and the comprehensive learning experience. However, despite the benefits, there are some potential drawbacks to consider. 

What are the drawbacks of Makes You Fluent?

Like any online learning platform, there are some drawbacks to be aware of. To make an informed decision about whether the app is right for you, it’s essential to consider all points. 

Here are some of the platform’s disadvantages:

  • Subscription costs. The three plans offered come at a price, meaning users must pay for their learning journey. However, the length of the plan is based on the amount of knowledge you’ll pick up. 
  • Lack of real-life interaction. Some users may find the lack of human contact a drawback of the app, especially if they seek real-life communication practice in their chosen language. Despite the AI tutor’s unlimited availability and intelligence, some users may prefer to converse with a native speaker to develop their skills further. 
  • Dependency on technology. Using technology to learn new languages is extremely convenient and is a modern approach. However, it may not suit all users. The online platform relies on technology and a strong connection to work efficiently. Some users may struggle with this heavy reliance and prefer to attend language learning lessons in person. 
  • Responsibility of discipline. Due to the lack of human interaction, some users may struggle to motivate themselves to keep up with the daily lessons and fun games. This could impact the time it takes to learn a new language.

Considering the drawbacks is important as it can help create an overall app picture. However, it’s essential to remember that everyone has different preferences, and what may not work for one user may benefit someone else. 

How good is the app for different languages?

The app allows users to learn English, Spanish, French, Italian, German and Portuguese. This wide selection is highly effective as these languages are popular, catering to a wide variety of people looking to begin their learning journey. The AI games, AI tutor and daily lessons cater to these languages, providing users with vital skills to learn how to speak, read and write in the language of their choice. 

With a wide range of popular languages, users can brush up on their pre-existing knowledge of a particular language or learn a new one from scratch. Users can easily use the resources and gamified approach of lessons and games to learn a new language, enhance their confidence and develop their skills.  

How does Makes You Fluent pricing work?

Makes You Fluent offers three different plans for users: a one-month, a three-month and a six-month. The price users pay will impact their experience due to the time they’ll have to learn a new language. The longer the plan, the more users will learn. 

Beginners may opt for the extended plan to give themselves more time to learn the basics and develop their confidence before moving on to more complex activities and lessons. Advanced learners may require less time, especially if they plan to use the app to polish their pre-existing skills. 

Here are the different plans and their pricing:

  • One-month subscription: $59.99 $29.99 per period – save 50%
  • Three-month subscription: $111.99 $36.99 per period – save 67%
  • Six-month subscription: $199.99 $49.99 per period – save 75%

The plans cater to different skill levels, allowing users to learn a new language with as much time as needed. The pricing ensures that users have their desired experience and clear options to find the best plan. 

How good is Makes You Fluent?

Makes You Fluent is a comprehensive app that’s helped many users learn a new language with their gamified approach, personalized plan and AI tutor. The app is designed to give users the most effective experience possible with a customized plan to ensure they’re provided with everything they need. 

The app’s personalised plan is a crucial feature, as well as the initial quiz that sets the baseline and assesses a person’s background, current abilities and learning objectives. The quiz offers users a personalised approach so that they can receive a plan that’s tailored to them and their requirements.

Here are several key factors that add to the app’s effectiveness: 

  • Personalised plan 
  • Daily lessons 
  • Gamified approach 
  • AI tutor – unlimited availability, a pressure-free environment, countless topics and discussions available 
  • AI exercises
  • Progress tracker 

With so many positive features and functional factors, it’s clear that the app is a valuable tool for people of all ages to develop a new skill and learn a new language.

What are some alternatives to Makes You Fluent?

With so many people eager to learn a new language, there are similar apps and platforms with tools and lessons for users. While there are some alternatives to Makes You Fluent, it’s important to note that each comes with its benefits and drawbacks that could impact a learner’s experience. 

Here are some alternatives to Makes You Fluent:

  • Duolingo 
  • Babbel 
  • Rosetta Stone
  • Memrise
  • Vocabulary.com
  • Toucan 

Before starting a new language and developing your skills, consider the app’s features and specific learning tools. Consider the approach that’ll work the best for you, keep you motivated and ensure you have the most productive experience possible. 

Alongside the other language learning apps, there are different ways you can learn or pick up a new language. 

Here are some alternative ways you can learn a new language:

  • Watch foreign films
  • Listen to songs or podcasts in another language
  • Read books in another language
  • Attend local language classes
  • Watch online tutorials and videos 

Learning a new language can be a fun and exciting experience, and there are many ways to pick up on words and phrases. Whatever your learning style is, there is a way to learn a language tailored to you for the most enjoyable and productive experience.  

The verdict 

Makes You Fluent is worth getting because of its effective personalised programme and speaking plan, the AI tutor, the daily lessons and the variety of languages it offers. The app is legit and is designed to provide users with the ultimate learning experience, guiding them through developing the confidence and knowledge needed to speak, write and talk in a new language. 

Before you embark on your personalised learning journey, consider the potential drawbacks. For example, the subscription cost will differ depending on the chosen plan, so remember this before selecting the one for you. Furthermore, the lack of human interaction may not suit everyone’s needs, especially if connection or internet access issues arise. 

However, the app provides many advantages to users and provides them with the fundamental skills and knowledge they need for learning a new language. With an effective personalised plan, alongside the addition of the useful AI tutor and daily lessons, users will get the opportunity to learn new skills and grow in confidence in their chosen language. 

For engaging content, access to various popular languages and an effective personalized plan, Makes You Fluent is worth getting. Users have taken to platforms, sharing their positive experiences and how the app has worked for them. 

Check out Makes You Fluent to see how the app has transformed the language abilities of other people, increased their confidence and spurred them on to learn a new language. If you’re up for a challenge and want to test your language skills, hopefully, this makesyoufluent.com review has given you everything you need to know to make an informed decision.

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