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Graduate Launches Mindset App, Make Your Mind Up, Revealing ‘Everything You Wish You Knew’

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Make Your Mind Up is launching their new positive mindset and mental strength app for kids, teens and parents.

Its founder Elise Williams, explains: ‘After graduating King’s College London a couple of years ago, I stepped out into the real world feeling like I’d fallen off a cliff, I very quickly realised I was completely unprepared for the realities of the real world, despite having gone through 18 odd years of education. By talking to colleagues and friends I discovered I wasn’t alone, so the quest began to fill this gap in our education and – Ta da… Make Your Mind Up was born!’

With 96% of students reporting feeling stressed and 78% experiencing mental health issues, there is a call for help. Make Your Mind Up aims to build the essential mindset skills that are missing from our education. The app focuses on resilience, motivation, confidence, focus, and stress control – to help children and teens optimise their time as students, and be better prepared to cope with the challenges of everyday life.

The app aims to build the essential mindset skills.

‘If we understand our brain and why we feel the way we do, we can tackle challenges objectively and thrive.

Make Your Mind Up is evidence-based, the video content is taken from research from neuroscience, mindfulness, sports psychology and optimal living literature and then related to student life into bite-sized chunks. All of this can then be put into practice in the ‘My Mind’ area of the app which allows you to input personalised goals, habits and daily wins to track your progress.

The even better thing is that building mental strength and positive mindset helps us improve every area of our lives, no matter where or what we are doing. So much so, founder, Elise says: ‘I believe this app is a product of it’s content. Every skill, tool and concept explained in the app have all helped me on my journey to creating Make Your Mind Up.’

To celebrate the World Mental Health day you can sign up for free and download the app to start discovering ‘everything you wish you knew’. The app is available now and was officially launched on 9th October. 

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