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Make Your Fitness Regime Exciting and Compelling with Weightlifting

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There are different ways to achieve this, but some people find weightlifting their best bet in varied scenarios. Everyone can be specific about their appearance – some want to shed weight, while others want to bulk up a little. Many do it for strength-building. Fitness experts believe that alternating workouts from time to time help you enjoy your journey more. So, if you have been doing yoga, running, walking, or something else, adding weights can only up your health and wellness game. But you can reap benefits only if you do it the right way. Let’s figure this out to decide whether it can be a part of your exercise regime.

Unscrambling weightlifting puzzle

Generally, it depends on what equipment you choose and how much weight you can lift. Some fear weightlifting can make women gain too much muscle. However, it’s a myth because they don’t have the same muscle-building testosterone as men. Plus, their skeletal muscles are also less compared to the opposite gender. Hence, you do not have to worry about this factor. Still, you can do weightlifting to build your strength like men. Your bones and muscle will increase, fat will burn, and there will be fewer injury risks. If you want to experience this, pursue fitness goals with MTL Weights

Some people may tell you that your body should feel tremendous pressure and stress when you do the last repetition of the set. If you don’t feel this, you have not lifted enough weight. Please avoid this advice because it can affect your form and increases the chances of injury. Also, studies don’t show such actions in the final reps produce any additional stimulus. Alternatively, it would help if you reached a level where you cannot do one more repetition, but your form remains intact. It doesn’t pose an injury risk, and you can recover faster to resume your goal. As a fundamental rule, you can do ten reps of a movement thrice while pausing between the three sets.

The effect of weightlifting on your body

You can gain strength and lose weight through weightlifting. To become stronger, you must test your muscles hard – let them feel the pressure when you contract and stretch them. However, it can damage your muscle fibres, tearing them a bit. These should get repaired, which is also necessary for your muscle to learn to bear more load. When fixed, your muscles will have a new life and form. You can feel intensity during contraction. Challenging them even more, allows your nervous systems to build more of them and activate them. Due to neural adaptations, you can have rapid muscle growth. Generally, you benefit quickly in the initial days of the workout.

As mentioned, your aim to keep your mind and body in good shape is independent of one or the other method. You can mix and match various workouts to condition your health better. When you introduce diversity in your exercises, you use every inch of your body for an improved response. You get the wholesome effect of your endeavours. Hence, keep exercising and experimenting while following safety protocols.

Simona LeVey did her degree in psychology at Tel Aviv University. She is interested in mental health, wellness, and lifestyle.

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