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Make Your Feeds Aesthetic with These Simple Tips

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You know, Instagram feeds are the gateway to entering your persona. People can see what kind of people you are by seeing all your activities, opinions, or any other things that have been posted.

Obtaining free Instagram followers isn’t that hard if you actually know what you need to do. For a start, let’s make your feeds more aesthetically pleasing.

A good-looking feed won’t only grant you followers but also Instagram 5000 reels views free as well. It’s really possible. So, before actually using Followers Gallery or any other instant followers apps, try the simple tips below:

If you want to find an answer about how to get 1k followers on Instagram in 5 minutes, you can directly try the app we just mentioned above. But, we highly recommend trying these methods first.

Choosing the best type of colour scheme

In order to make the appearance of the Instagram feed unique and attractive, you need to focus on the colour. Colour is one of the most important elements that can help to be recognised by the audience easily, even being able to increase conversions by up to 85%.

To make it easier for you to choose a color scheme so that the appearance of the feed looks harmonious with others, as follows:

Choose the main colour based on the dominance of the logo color used.

Use the Grasshopper colour quiz to determine which color best represents the Instagram feed.

Design a color palette based on published feeds or by using color palette generators such as Canva, My Insta Palette, or Colordot to make it easier to define colours.

Consider using unique fonts and typography

Combining typography with objects, images, or graphics in one feed can be an option to get free Instagram followers via Instagram feed. Therefore, the combination of fonts and typography is an important thing that must be considered. There are four types of fonts that must be understood to be able to determine them, namely:

Serif has a classic look that is widely used, especially in displaying an elegant, reliable, and established impression.

Sans Serif features simple and clean lines so that it is suitable for use in modern styles with a more casual, informal, and friendly impression.

The script presents calligraphy and handwriting forms that are combined with other types of fonts so that they look more attractive and fun.

Decorative looks more eccentric and artsy, although they tend to be difficult to read.

Keep border style consistency

The last tip to make the Instagram feed look more unique and attractive to obtain Instagram 5,000 reels views free is the border style that is adjusted to the type of content. 

This border will display white space or empty space between Instagram feeds so that it looks neater. As for the type of Instagram feed that appears with many colours, the border will help to maintain the balance of the appearance of the feed.


Those are a number of tips that can be done to make the appearance of the Instagram feed unique and attractive. This will clearly have an impact on increasing followers in the future. 

In addition, tools for taking pictures and videos must also be considered, one of which is a smartphone. Make sure to use a smartphone that is equipped with certain specifications, especially a camera with top-notch features in it.

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