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7 Clever Ways to Make Healthy Eating Fun

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There’s a common misconception that healthy eating has to be boring. While this might be the case if you choose to eat the same food every single day, there are alternative ways to get your greens without becoming bored. This no-fuss guide will take you through seven clever ways to make healthy eating fun.

Make time for breakfast

Breakfast isn’t a meal that should be missed, but more times than not, it feels like the most boring meal of the day.  This is usually down to a lack of time, resulting in a very bland bowl of porridge. You should prepare a low cholesterol breakfast consisting of fibre and protein.

To kickstart your day the right way, get up a bit earlier and make proper time for breakfast. Doing so will allow you to experiment with new dishes, giving you something to look forward to, first thing. Healthy breakfast ideas include overnight oats and smoothie bowls.

Eat al fresco

Sometimes, it’s not about what you’re eating, but where you’re eating. If you sit in the same room while eating your meals, things can start to seem dull. Why not make a change and dine al fresco, instead?

Eating in the open air will be sure to put a smile on your face and give you some new scenery to enjoy. You could even experiment with healthy picnics to add an extra element of fun. Just remember to check the weather forecast,

Jazz up your salads

Salads aren’t all that’s involved with healthy eating, but there’s no denying that they’re good for you. If you’re tired of your usual salads, jazz them up with a healthy dressing or add some crunch with nuts. Pay attention to how much you put on your salad though – it’s all too easy to unintentionally make a healthy dish not so healthy.

Pick unique vegetables

Following on from the above point, experimenting with different types of vegetables will add some excitement to your day. Head to the supermarket and stray from your usual shopping list. Instead, look for quirky vegetables that you’ve never tried before. You might make a life-changing discovery.

Go wild with spices and seasonings

Spices and seasonings are the ultimate secret weapon when it comes to healthy eating. When used in moderation, they can completely transform the taste of a dish without adding much fat or sugar.

Popular spices included ginger, anise, cardamom and chipotle. We’re also big fans of turmeric, which has long been used to support healthy digestion. If you don’t like the taste of spice but want digestive support, however, you can take turmeric tablets to get the job done.

Find new restaurants

Eating out can sometimes make it difficult to stick to a healthy plan, but if you do your research, it’s more than doable.

Have a browse online at the restaurants in your local area. See if any of them pride themselves on being plant-based or healthy, and if so, pay them a visit. You can also take a look at the menu online so that you don’t encounter any unwanted surprises.

Have the occasional treat

A surefire way to sabotage healthy eating is by being too restrictive. Being too hard on yourself will not work in the long term; it just increases the chances of falling bored and back into old habits. With this in mind, allow yourself a treat every now and then. Treats are absolutely fine in moderation.

Tommy Williamson did his degree in psychology at the University of Edinburgh. He has an ongoing interest in mental health and well-being.

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