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I Made a Chiral Discovery About Mental Health

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Has science overlooked one specific explanation for the cause of many neurological and  physiological conditions? I made discovery that may actually pinpoint their origin and how they develop.  

Generally speaking, many theories and explanations for these conditions (cancers, mental health  illnesses, etc.) associate psychological or biological matters, environmental issues, and, of course, many are known to be genetically-based. But all of these disorders (difficulties) and problems (challenges) still exist. Why? The truth is, we still do not know what the root cause of many of these conditions may be.  

Is there an unknown process instigating and therefore responsible for their existence, and hence resulting in much-untold pain and suffering; not to mention inconvenience and cost for those concerned? Holistically viewed, there most probably has to be – as we evolved to survive not suffer – and it could be  bilateral sway.  

Before suggesting this theory, allow me to introduce a quick rule-of-thumb experiment for you  to experience and let you see how and where this potential chiral type problem lies. There are only two facts determining this bulletproof exercise and which are applicable to the theory itself:  First is that everybody is aware that conception is the result of a single egg and a single sperm uniting – an  unquestionable, evolutionary fact of reproduction. Second, nobody knows specifically where that egg and sperm came from (left or right; ovary or testicle). The unquestionable reality is that this too is a fact.  

You shall need yourself and your hands plus a colleague and their hands. Your left hand represents a left sperm; your right hand a right sperm and your colleagues left hand a left egg; right had a right egg.  

  • Face each other and shake hands. 
  • Now shake hands with the other hand. 
  • Now shake hands with facing hands.
  • Now shake hands with the other facing hand.  

This demonstration illustrates all four possible mechanisms – of which only one is possible – within which we  humans reproduce. A fluctuating 2:1 chance process that has been taking place generation after (and  within) generation, uncontrolled, unnoticed even, and it is natural.  

Now, do the experiment again and this time watch with this in mind:  

  • Functional but not bilateral (complimentary: right and right) 
  • Functional but not bilateral (complimentary: left and left)
  • Non-functional but is bilateral (non-complimentary: right and left)
  • Non-functional but is bilateral (non-complimentary: left and right)  

Bear in mind that ‘functional and is bilateral’ isn’t an option within a single generation turnaround. Think for a moment about any one of these four mechanisms being executed within our individual  genetic makeup because this is how it is created, subsequently how it must naturally function and is then  poised, via a comorbid type partnership, to pass on their chiral traits. Our true functional bilateral cohesive synthesis profile is the whole working quality of both sides.

Empirically viewed, the implication is that those with an ancestral history of consistent uniform sway will  most probably be fine and may benefit whereas those lacking an ancestral history of consistent uniform  sway will most probably experience varying challenges & may struggle somewhat. Keep in mind the  68-95-99.7 rule plays its part here.  

The impact from all this on the global population scene becomes clearer when considered on a general health and well-being spectrum ranging from talents through sickness and encompasses each, and every single  one of us on our planet, right now. There simply are no exceptions.  

Though it is impossible to change our past, we could potentially understand our bilateral sway profiles better and maybe improve the way ahead, we can be true. Many conditions (such as motor neuron disease, dyslexia, cancer, suicidal tendencies, etc.) could all be rooted in bilaterality and functionality; our degree of bilateral sway.  

Emmet McManus is the proponent of the bilateral sway theory.

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