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What’s Yours Love Style?

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Definition of love differs for the man and woman. To a man, supportive and robust gestures such as house maintenance, car repairs depict a practical love. For her, possessiveness with a response of jealous by her husband makes her feel valued. After tying knots, both admit that they are in many ways frustrated or disappointed with their choice of sharing their lives with. Many research found six different types of love in the relationships: romantic, friendliness, logical, possessive, playful, and unselfish.

Be together: Everything unravels

Love itself is neutral, healthy or unhealthy, harmful or helpful. It depends on why or how you love someone or is loved by someone else. It is never enough to sustain a relationship of being together for the good right reasons. Deep admiration is a key factor to make the relationship work (I mean happy for both people involved) and to unravel the ups and downs in life.

Respect, not communication

Conflicts are often unavoidable and thus feelings hurt. And just an unerring communication could save you and your partner cushioning both too a hard landing on the fallibility. Talk frequently, talk openly. People with sheer experience in their 20’s to 40’s talk with more respect trusting their partners with best they’ve got. Without the bedrock of trust, you will continue to consider doubting about each other.

Re-igniting romance

Romantic love fades in time and turns to a more contended form of committed love. Couples may work together towards a ‘both-and’ attitude. So, passionate love may just be a trivial imitation of a real thing. Romantic love isn’t an obsessive component. A tinge of mystery helps to ignite the spark in romance. Spark the curiosity to know what your partner feels or thinks.

Power of touch

Physical touch should not be zeroed. One need not have to go all 50 shades or become a pleasing masseuse. Physical affection kindles the spark and is number one. It’s not just sex. Hugging, kissing, and other forms of touch keep love alive even in problematic relationships.

Kindness is sexy, isn’t It?

It may not sound attractive but both men and women consider this a booster-shot for the relationship. It turns up the focus on each other’s positive qualities rather than just taking them for granted. This way there is no expectation and resentment.

Humour in conflicts

Descending the fight and fast-forwarding to the laughing humour is the skill each one can master to strengthen the love. Soften the issue rather than avoiding the same in pursuit of rekindled love. This helps connect to your partner with happier emotions and laugh with lightness crossing the difficult terrains together.

The intimate power

Saying things like ‘I love you’, ‘Thank you’, ‘I miss you’ makes the tough times easier between the two. These little things are a powerful voice of intimacy that builds up the trust. ‘I am still here and I am not going anywhere’ is the best intimate power in your love style that is same as the success of the initial courtship rekindling love and intense romance.

Jashan Jot Kaur is a researcher at  Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana.

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