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Love Island’s Fast Fashion Axe Is Inspiring Brits to Shop More Sustainably, New Data Reveals

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A survey conducted by the online tutoring platform, Superprof, has found that since Love Island announced its ditching fast fashion and partnered with second-hand retailer eBay in May, 48.8% of UK shoppers say they prefer to buy from pre-loved and sustainable brands, while just 32.3% prefer fast fashion.

The survey also found that 19% of respondents weren’t sure which they preferred, suggesting that many still don’t know what fast fashion is or where their clothes come from. 

Love Island ditched their fast fashion affiliation in May 2022 when it announced that it’d partner with eBay instead of fast fashion retailers like I Saw It First and Missguided. This comes as the show strives to be more eco-friendly. 

As well as encouraging viewers to choose more sustainable clothing optionsLove Island is massively reducing its carbon footprint, as islanders are provided with a pre-loved wardrobe. Previously, islanders were given a £1000 gift card to shop with the fast fashion partner and a duffle bag filled with new clothes each week.

Limiting the amount of brand new outfits worn on-screen will help reduce the villa’s carbon emissions. This is because fast fashion garments less than five times produce 400% more harmful emissions than clothes worn 50 times.

Commenting on Superprof’s survey findings, Love Island contestant and sustainable fashion activist Brett Staniland said: ‘This is very promising news, it’s early days of the show and the inauguration of second-hand fashion replacing fast fashion as the primary sponsor of Love Island.’

‘We still have many more adverts to go, as well as waiting to see how the new wave of influencers chooses to make their mark on social media following the show.’ 

‘The impact Love Island has socially and culturally in the UK is huge, as well as setting a precedent for other popular tv shows, so I’m still optimistic as to which other shows might change their sponsorship and where this all goes in the next few months.’

Superprof offers a range of sewing classes to learn more about sustainable fashion. Their experienced tutors can help students create lower-carbon clothing and show them how to alter their existing wardrobe to elongate wear. 

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