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Diamond Ring Specialist Reveals the UK’s Biggest Love Dilemmas

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Angelic Diamonds, a leading UK diamond ring specialist, has launched a new interactive called ‘Love Dilemmas’. The feature allows you to seek relationship advice to some of the most searched questions online, from falling in love to breaking up and everything else in between.

Love Dilemmas offers a light-hearted and interactive way for lovers – or ex-lovers – to find helpful answers to their relationship problems. The data was collected using Google search volumes – searches were included when they experienced a high increase in searches. A staggering 103 search terms were compiled into seven categories: dating, affection, relationships, love, engagement, marriage, and break-ups.

Using the interactive feature, users will be presented with fun cards posing the dilemma along with the search increase percentage. By clicking on the card, Angelic Diamonds’ answer is revealed. Some of the biggest searches include: ‘Why do I self-sabotage relationships?’, ‘How soon is too soon to propose?’, ‘What does ‘bub’ mean in a relationship?’, and ‘When should you have your first kiss in a relationship?’.

It is hoped that Angelic Diamonds can provide some guidance to all the romantics out there wanting to learn more about love. From finding out what chemistry means in a relationship to how to kiss with braces, the jeweller has provided a bank of agony aunt answers. While they aren’t always straightforward yes or no answers, the interactive was designed to provide advice and comfort for users to make their own decisions on what they think is best. For those looking for short and simple answers, Love Dilemmas might be the ultimate relationship tool.

CEO of Angelic Diamonds, Neil Dutta said: ‘We want to support those out there who are either hopeful or lucky in love. This is a great way for people to get the advice they need for things that are on their minds.’

The last year has made it difficult for relationships to flourish, which can be disheartening or even make us feel lonely. By opening our minds and our hearts to a healthy relationship, dating, or even marriage, things can start to get back on track.

For more information, visit Angelic Diamond’s Love Dilemmas interactive.

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