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London Medical Laboratory Named One of This Year’s J.P. Morgan Top 200 Women-Powered Businesses

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London Medical Laboratory, the revolutionary omnichannel blood testing and health check business, has been recognised as one of 2023’s J. P. Morgan UK Top 200 Women–Powered Businesses.

The pioneering work of Flavia Araujo‑Rankin, founder and co‑CEO of London Medical Laboratory, has been featured in the J.P.Morgan UK Top 200 Women-Powered Businesses 2023 report. The list celebrates the significant contribution women-powered businesses make to the economy.

Women-owned and led businesses are critical to the success of our global community and economies. This report identifies high-growth women-powered businesses and highlights women’s wide range of roles in British companies.

London Medical Laboratory was chosen as one of the fastest-growing women-powered businesses. It is the UK’s first omnichannel blood testing, diagnostic and health check business and a major disruptor in the healthcare sector.

Flavia says: “I am delighted for my entire team that London Medical Laboratory has been included in this inspirational list of companies. From microbiologists to managers to marketers, women have played a vital role across LML, from our small beginnings in 2016 to our success today. I want to thank everyone who has been a part of that journey. 

“There are some unique insights that women can bring into the healthcare sector. Previously, I created and managed various successful retail, import/export and education businesses in both the UK and Brazil. When one of my children developed diabetes, I noticed a lack of access to rapid, continual blood testing to keep families fully informed.

“Out of necessity came invention. My husband, Dr Seth Rankin, had extensive experience in both the NHS and private healthcare. When we realised the huge need for direct-to-consumer blood tests, I saw how Seth’s medical expertise and my business experience could revolutionise the healthcare market.

“My family’s experience also shaped LML’s core value – that every test is a person. Behind every medical test is a fellow human who deserves our very best. Their lives may depend on it. This is the core of what LML believes in.

“There has been a significant rise in patient awareness regarding self-testing. Millennials have become the ‘wellness generation’, and the increasing elderly population needs better access to testing.

“Today, we offer a wide range of general health, allergy and hormone tests, easily available in High Street shops so everyone can access blood tests and health checks. We are also involved with many organisations’ staff healthcare programmes, and we’re making our tests available in an ever-increasing range of pharmacies, health food stores, etc.

“My ultimate vision is for blood tests to be available at every pharmacy and healthcare shop throughout the country, enabling people to take charge of their health.”

London Medical Laboratory was ranked 148 in the 2023 list – the first time the company has been featured. Charlotte Bobroff and Stephanie Khalef-Wassmer, the co-heads of UK women and wealth and executive directors at J.P. Morgan Private Bank, say: “For the third year in a row, we are pleased to release our report on the Top 200 UK women-powered businesses. This year, the report analysed over 46,000 companies forming the UK’s high-growth ecosystem, revealing 13,255 women-powered businesses founded, led, owned, or managed by women.

“Entrepreneurship is thriving, and the proportion of women-powered businesses has grown from 18.3% to 28.7% in the 2023 report. This growth was also highlighted in the 2023 Rose Review, which identified that £250b of new value could be added to the UK economy if women started and scaled new businesses at the same rate as men. Our 2023 report shows that women-powered businesses contribute significantly to the UK’s economy, reporting combined sales of £104b and a total headcount of over 775,000.”

London Medical Laboratory’s wide range of fingerpick tests can be taken at home through the post or at one of the many drop-in clinics that offer these tests across London and nationwide in over 95 selected pharmacies and health stores. 

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