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New Study Reveals London and Manchester Offer the Best AI Education Opportunities for Students Worldwide

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Our growing reliance on technology means it’s more important than ever to understand how AI shapes our cities and the impact it will have on our future.

In light of this, Business Name Generator has researched 50 cities worldwide to discover which are leading the way for AI development and implementation. 

By analysing metrics, including total AI venture capital investment, the number of AI initiatives, and career and education opportunities, they have revealed the world’s top 10 most AI-driven cities. 

London leads the way as the world’s most AI-driven city, followed by New York City, and Singapore

London is the most AI-driven city based on all metrics analysed, boasting 2,645 AI events for those looking to learn more about the technology and a healthy investment total of $25,029,000 to date.

London residents search for AI-related terms an average of 13,630 times per month (beaten only by Tokyo’s 28,230 monthly searches). Surprisingly, the city only has 339 job opportunities in AI available – 1,173 less than New York City. 

The Big Apple follows in second, with slightly fewer AI initiatives (6) and events (1,082) but a very impressive AI investment of $361,080,000. Singapore follows this in third.

Meanwhile, Estonia’s capital Tallinn is the least AI-driven city in the world. The northern European city offers zero AI initiatives, only 39 AI events, and a very low AI venture capital investment of just $456,000.

Washington, D.C. tops the list for AI career opportunities, with 1,881 jobs available

Washington, D.C., offers the most opportunities for professionals in the AI field, with 1,881 job opportunities available and an average salary of $109,668.

The US capital is followed by New York City and Singapore, which offer slightly fewer job opportunities but higher average salaries for AI specialists. Seattle, which is 13th overall, offers the highest average salary of $157,000 yearly – around $47,000 more than D.C.

London, Manchester and Jakarta offer the best AI education opportunities for students

London leads the way for AI education opportunities, offering 29 AI-specific courses at the college level and 333 in Computer Science and IT. In second place is fellow UK city Manchester, with 11 courses in AI and 146 in Computer Science; meanwhile, Jakarta in Indonesia comes third with nine AI courses available.

Chloe Chai, the spokesperson for Business Name Generator, comments: “Artificial Intelligence is having a significant impact on industries and will continue to shape the way we live and work.”

“With the increasing availability of data and advances in machine learning techniques, AI is used to automate tasks, improve decision-making, and create new products and services. The continued growth of AI is expected to bring about significant changes to the job market, with some jobs becoming obsolete while others are created. In terms of education, our research highlights the need for institutions worldwide to catch up with this emerging technology.” 

“With any new data-driven technology, there is a need for proper regulation and oversight to address ethical concerns raised around bias and privacy. As AI continues to evolve and be integrated into more areas of society, it will be important to consider and address these issues to ensure that the technology is used for the benefit of all.”

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