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How Did the Lockdown Affect Different Age Group

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It’s well known that due to COVID-19 pandemic nearly all nations are under lockdown. This lockdown isn’t a mere closure of schools, colleges, and universities as like in the summer holidays but also basic stuff for living life including grocery shops, grinding mill, local market and what not…

But it’s an opportunity for many families to bond together for quite some time.This facilitated children to play with family including grandparents recalling all our traditional indoor games like scrabble, snake and ladder, chess, and other board games

Many students felt that this lockdown is a kind of boon to them as it had cut down the risk of travelling hours together in this hot summer time which is very tedious and cumbersome. At the same time helped to deviate their energies to learn at home productively. But at the same time students are deprived of practical knowledge obtained by visiting fields or practising at laboratories.

In some universities, researchers are somewhere running behind  due to unpredictable changes in the pandemic but still some other universities trying to keep up their pace with online teaching and research engaging students in one or other way.

Housewives expressed that closure of grinding mills led them to revive the forgotten traditional technique of grinding cereals by rotating milling stones and they also expressed that reduction of dependency on others for every stuffs and of course it’s a good exercise too.

Women in the metropolitan cities have started their own terrace gardening for green leafy vegetables, flowers for worshipping and few planted indoor to purify their micro environment, bonsai plants are also being started.

Some youngsters started their own business for livelihood by stitching masks, preparing sanitisers home and few planned for startup by sitting at home. They cooked their own meals. Few days ago preparing coffee was quite popular in social media platforms.This is the due to the closure of many online food delivery sites likes Swiggy, Zomato, and Amazon Pantry.

Many have started blogging, online business in Instagram, selling out the lectures in Udemy, publishing articles in several magazines, some started improving their career by learning many relevant courses and etc.

For all engineering workers it’s work from home didn’t stooped their work but for agricultural graduates and many that seek experiential learning and internship based hands-on learning it’s a huge loss of knowledge. India is full of populated country never short of labour but there is a huge difference between labour and skilled labour that’s what makes our country  economically strong , intellectually rich and technically skilled at global level.

Many researchers have started creating  their own blogs, YouTube channel, writing articles to educate other large community by sitting at home itself.

But all depends on people’s perception becoming boon or bane. Some devoted leisure time for pleasure ,some freed from their business and some others took up the business. People are becoming self sufficient and healthier too . But still for every beautiful drama there is darker story behind the screen. People are becoming lazy, obsessing their stomach – pulling various diseases to their body.


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Meghana D P is doing an MSc in Plant Breeding and Genetics at Punjab Agricultural University. 

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