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The Lockdown Has Allowed Me to Blossom Into a More Resilient Person

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As we all start to step back out into the world, post-lockdown, things don’t feel the same. The dedicated time at home, and in our homes, has changed so many and there is no going back.

There has of course been the lives lost in this pandemic, which has been heartbreaking, but the ripple affect has gone even further than this. The time to reflect and actually be totally in one’s life without distractions has left its mark.

So many people are rising up and stepping out feeling totally different, they now see things about their lives that they no longer can tolerate. They see the changes they want to make, but are also afraid, as this seeing the truth and wanting more aligned lives means there are things to let go of.

The time at home with my family has made me sit in open conversation with my heart, and in doing so it starts to beat louder and it does herald change. 

The gift in allowing and accepting the changes is that it makes us fully present in the process, there are so many emotions that arise from this and each one just needs to be honoured.  

I know and see the changes that need to be made and that my heart gives me very clear directions and instructions, but there is still sadness for what was.

Most of my life I have lived in the shadows, and in my early life it was necessary, yet at 47 it serves to hold me back. Yet in the lockdown, I have accessed this freedom of being, as the expectations of the outside world ceased, so the shadow started to release its grip on me.

As there was nothing expected of me, I actually blossomed. The lockdown was this beautiful cocoon that gave me the time I needed to transform my shape.

I see this transformation in so many people, I also see the frustration and intense emotions playing out, they arise as the marker of change and also so we do not settle to what was before.

However many times I have worked on myself and healed another layer, I still have to feel exactly the same range of emotions. Allowing the compassion for myself as I allow the transition from what was to what is, and accepting each emotion as equal.

There is no need to label an emotion as good or bad, in the natural process they just are, they are the tools to shed the old skin or way of life. They encourage a shift inner or outer, and they all have their place.

May the world we all step out into have more compassion for all, it starts with us, by having more compassion for ourselves every single day, by allowing and accepting all aspects of us, we give the same to others.

Transition is a sensitive time, but with enough self-compassion and acceptance, it will step us on to the path of the new. 

All change – and so we should, we are listening to ourselves, keep listening.


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Sally Saint has been a professional energy worker for over 23 years, training in Reiki to Level 3, massage and reflexology. She is the author of The Mask, a book which helps you to feel and move with ease into the healing journey.

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