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Live Life King-Size

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The world is a better place. We must keep going in order to fill life with our charm. Hence, explaining the journey, which is not easy at the end with a sexy spouse, or a sports car, or a house, leads to the amalgamation of paths with goals not necessarily resulting in a pot of gold, but it is in reality self-actualisation. In making our community, the selfish pursuit is not sufficient as we all share the acquired wisdom with others.

Repertoire of fallacies – Life is good

Sometimes, some things may make us sad as if not meant for use in the ordinary world. One may hunch aside believing that ‘life is good’. As I step into my office, holding a bag-pack and a thermos of tea, my co-workers asked: ‘Hey Jash, how’s it going?’ This seemingly semi-rhetorical question to me always led me to reply with the umpteenth sigh of exasperation: ‘Just living the dream,’ leading me to think if I am really living the dream now.

Deadlock or impasse – The right choice

Sometimes nuptial relations may be the impetus to the soul-nurturing aspects of easy-going life. Yet the sense of freedom gives the opportunity to rebuild it more authentically. I always wanted to look for reasons to enjoy life, dancing happily while singing along to Hamilton with my freed spirits. I could barely tolerate being in the same room and feel trapped, so considering me to be my own provider is not wrong though. People may ‘psych’ about their marriage. I am better off than them and contented.

Makeshift solutions – Least resistance

Some may consider laughing at a couple of glasses of wine as their reward to satisfied life with mirth and glory. Few may resign from life. But then there is ‘adventure’ that jolts you out of that trance-like feeling. Life is dead without enthusiasm. Nevertheless, I still feel like continuing to the cow-path set before me without bothering with an efficient route and still be romantic with a desire to live motivated life ideally independently, without an external catalyst.

Portray inner self – A saga

Often there is an ordeal or an epic fight within one’s journey to life. So, one needs to overcome with wisdom, courage, and discernment. My road ahead wasn’t an easy one too. Many join in the journey as enemies telling you to ‘go back’ or ‘you are not ready yet’ or preventing the change. Safety isn’t the goal. Hence, reshape your demolished life. Conquer the dragons and recognise the tendencies and skills to heal the inner self.

Stereotyped – Hero or heroine

Prioritise and rediscover your life passions. The ability to meet challenges helps you to evolve into a better individual. Be like a hero or heroine. Never force yourself into a cookie-cutter version of life you believe should be lived. A journey to the hardships of getting a beautiful new house or a top position in a prestigious firm helps gain confidence and happiness. The desire for a healthy life must be a valuable priority to handle everything.

I wish you strength, courage, and sovereignty on your journey.

Jashan Jot Kaur is a researcher at Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana.

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