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Lisa Lukianoff provides psychological consulting to individuals. Her clinical experience as a psychotherapist included working with clients for five years. Lukianoff received her doctorate in clinical psychology which included research and a dissertation publication in neuroscience focussed on the neuroscience of mirror neurons and empathy.

This experience inspired her to work in brain science education and workshops, and implementing principles of experience-dependent neuroplasticity.

She consulted businesses for ten years in areas of start-up, planning, human resource’s, marketing and internal organisation.

Her website–, is intended to explore ideas, educate, entertain and expand our thinking. Some posts speak to current trends in the economy, brain sciences, and personal growth.

Lisa Lukianoff is based in California, USA.

Follow her on Twitter: @lisa_lukianoff

Published: 07 March 2014

Last update: 23 July 2018

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