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Dennis Relojo-Howell

Here’s Why Being a Life Coach Is Fulfilling

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If people come to you for advice, motivation, and inspiration, then perhaps life coaching is the right career path for you. Working as a life coach has a significant impact on your life, not just for your clients, but to yourself as well. The changes that you make on their life impacts yours in more ways than one every single day. Your job isn’t like any other day in the office. Albeit challenging, it’s also life-changing.

1. You get to help others

Nothing is more fulfilling than actually having the opportunity to help other people improve their lives. Giving help to others isn’t only limited to a financial sense. There’s also ways you can improve other people’s lives through sharing your gifts, talents, and skills. And, life coaching is one of these.

It takes patience and a good heart for you to work as a life coach. Not every day at the office is going to be easy, as you’re going to be faced with some of the most challenging clients at times. But, remember that they approached you because they need your help. And, when you can serve them, it gives you so much more meaning and purpose in your life as well.

2. Your self-confidence increases

Working as a life coach isn’t easy. You need to believe in yourself, and you need to claim it, and to know you can make a positive difference in the lives of your clients, through your career. Hence, if you started in the job with little to no confidence, chances are, by the time you finish training as a life coach, you’ll have plenty of self-confidence built. In life, you know how important it is to have a strong sense of self-confidence.

3. Your listening skills develop

Apart from academic or career skills that you can learn in life, another advantage that you can gain through working as a life coach is the development of your listening skills. Having excellent listening skills isn’t just important in your job, but it’s vital in any person’s life, in general. 

Whether you’re a parent, a sibling, a child, a friend, or whatever relationship. Because listening is important, it’s also one of the hardest to develop and to learn. Sometimes, relationships can suffer because one party has lousy listening skills.

When life coaches like yourself go to work, you listen to people every day. Hence, it’s natural that your listening skills are also going to improve. With this, your life will change for the better as well. Relationships surrounding you will be better, and conflicts can be resolved better as well, now that you have mastered the art of listening.

As you work to develop your listening skills, you can also go through learning neuro-linguistic programming or NLP. These skills are connected with listening, and you’re going to end up as a  more empathic listener as well.

4. You get to be your own boss

This may seem very trivial, but in reality, it does make a massive impact in your life when you’re in control of your time and your freedom. Lack of time for other aspects of their lives is one of the most common complaints of busy young professionals. They may be earning, but they’re stressed, and other parts of their lives have suffered as well.

Working as a life coach allows you to enjoy your career anymore because you have autonomy over your schedule and your freedom.


Being a life coach is one of the most rewarding jobs that you’ll ever get to experience. While you are helping other people improve their lives, you’re improving yours as well. 

You realise dreams, aspirations, ambitions, and strengths that your clients previously may not have seen about themselves. And, while doing so, you also earn a greater clarity of your life’s purpose. 


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