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Life-Changing Benefits of Sound Therapy

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Sound healing treatment is currently one of the most popular healthcare trends. For thousands of years, it has been used to rebalance the body’s vibration, build resilience and emotional well-being, and even fight off bad spirits.

Music and sound have been employed in a variety of ways throughout history. From raising military morale to increasing workplace productivity, or even helping people with dementia remember their ‘golden years’ and feel calmer.

If you’re not convinced that music and sound healing treatment have miraculous restorative properties, think of your favorite song or track and how it instantly improves your mood. Good lively music may quickly make you feel more energised and joyful, yet a slow, sorrowful song may strike all the perfect notes to allow you to have that much-needed weep.

Healing abilities of sound therapy

Sound and music healing treatment has grown in popularity in recent years, and it’s unquestionably a health and wellness trend to keep an eye on.

It has been discovered that sound and music may be powerful healers for a variety of mental, emotional, and even physical disorders, and have been used to cure a variety of conditions such as depression, anxiety disorders, or even dementia. 

Sound therapy can interestingly enough help people that suffer from tinnitus as well. The process is called Tinnitus sound therapy and uses a process called habituation. It is important to mention that this is a long-term process that will take plenty of sessions to produce results. What is most intriguing is that this therapy doesn’t make the tinnitus (unwanted sound or ringing) go away, it simply teaches the brain to ignore it. Similar to the way you put glasses on and after a while, the sensation of having something on your nose and ears becomes unnoticeable. 

The science of sound healing therapy 

While contemporary medicine may be more beneficial than chanting circles or music therapy for many illnesses, research has demonstrated that these healing traditions are not the voodoo that some may have us think.

In reality, there is a lot of research to back up the healing benefits of sound waves. And these are far more than just a catchy tune that makes you feel happy.

There is a vibrational frequency in everything in the cosmos. These vibrations affect every cell in your body. In other words, the vibrations produced by instruments or voices may really interact with the cells of your body to produce certain results: in this example, to promote healing.

These assertions are supported by scientific investigations. For example, tuning forks have been shown in studies to be useful at relieving muscular and bone pain.

According to a 2006 research, singing bowl meditation can decrease blood pressure, enhance circulation and breaking, relieve aches and pains, and even boost the immune system. 

Another study found that vibroacoustic treatment (sounds and vibrations delivered directly to the body) might be useful for treating chronic pain and hastening recovery from injury.

More study is needed to determine how beneficial sound healing treatment may be, but so far, there is plenty of evidence that it is a viable choice for anyone suffering from pain, injury, or stress.

Sound therapy at home 

If you don’t want to go to an expert to enjoy the advantages of sound healing treatment, you’ll be relieved to know that it’s one of the simplest methods to mimic at home.

The advantages of employing sound to help your body and mind relax cannot be overstated, whether you add some calming music or play a guided meditation track while enjoying a home spa concept, or add some music therapy to your bedtime routine to help you drift off.

And for some, the most convenient way to do it is from the comfort of their own home. Untethering the mind can result in a variety of physiological benefits, ranging from stress reduction and lowered anxiety to improved memory, lower blood pressure, and a reduced risk of heart disease and strokes. Many people utilize sound therapy to relieve persistent headaches and migraines.

Final thoughts

In today’s world of worry, anxiety, and frustration, it might seem impossible to take a vacation from the stresses of our everyday lives. Sound therapy is one method for making a good impact in your life and relieving stress. Your body’s reactions to specific noises and vibrations can have a favorable influence on your physical, emotional, and mental health.

Dennis Relojo-Howell is the managing director of Psychreg.


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