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New Study Reveals LGBTQI+ People Almost 3 Times More Likely to Suffer Depression and Burnout

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News Release, (2022, May 17). New Study Reveals LGBTQI+ People Almost 3 Times More Likely to Suffer Depression and Burnout. Psychreg on Gender & Sexuality.
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Compared to the general population, LGBTQI+ people are almost three times more likely to suffer from depression and burnout due to chronic stress and homophobia, according to new collaborative research by the University of Cologne, University of Bielefeld and the German Institute for Economic Research Berlin.

The study, conducted by Institute of Sociology and Social Psychology (ISS) researcher Mirjam Fischer and colleagues, looked into the health of LQBTQI+ people and found that they are far more affected by mental and physical illness than the rest of the population.

As well as depression and burnout, twice as many LGBTQI+ people are affected by loneliness. Heart disease, asthma, and chronic back pain are significantly more common than in the rest of the population.

Furthermore, the research found that within the  LGBTQI+ community, trans people, in particular, are at a health disadvantage – with 40% of all trans people in the study suffering from medically diagnosed anxiety disorders.

‘In our societies, many LGBTQI+ people experience chronic stress due to homophobia and heterosexism, resulting in health problems. Even the anticipation of discrimination, independent of experiences of discrimination,  can create and exacerbate health problems. We as a society must address this disadvantage’, says Dr Fischer.

The researchers recommend more LGBTQIcounselling and mental health services and strengthening existing LGBTQIcommunity structures, such as sports, culture, and leisure activities.

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