Special LBGTQ Issue of “Issues in Mental Health Nursing”

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Manuscripts are being sought on the topic of: Mental Health Issues and People Who Identify as LGBTQ for a special issue of Issues in Mental Health Nursing. The journal is peer-reviewed and indexed in PsycINFO, CINAHL, PubMed, and many other databases. The year 2018 is its 39th year of publication.

Papers will be considered that focus on mental health concerns of this population as well as their specific support and preferences for treatment. Papers may be research-focused, practice-oriented or theoretical/conceptual in nature.

A broad range of topics will be considered including person-centred, rights-based and social inclusive care; mental health assessment, intervention and innovative treatments; availability of resources; workforce and service developments; and research, education and policy issues.

Deadline: Manuscripts must be received by 01 September 2017.

Issues in Mental Health Nursing requires APA format. There is no specified page limit, but most papers range from 15 to 25 pages of double-spaced text. Accuracy in citations is imperative. Authors whose first language is not English are encouraged to use the services of an editor prior to submission.

Please send all manuscripts through this link

Indicate in your cover letter that you would like your paper to be considered for this special issue.

Manuscripts will be reviewed by Guest Editor, Dr Edward McCann from the Trinity College Dublin, School of Nursing and Midwifery; and by two reviewers who are blinded to the identity of the authors.

Queries may be addressed to the editor: sthomas@utk.edu

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