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Lexxic Presents: “Take Action, Make Impact: How to Create a Neuro-Inclusive Culture at Work”

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Lexxic, a pioneering neurodiversity consultancy dedicated to supporting businesses in fostering diverse and neuro-inclusive workplaces, will host an engaging new webinar on the 27th September 2023, from 12 pm–1 pm, to coincide with National Inclusion Week.

The week, founded by Inclusive Employers, celebrates inclusion and highlights the need for inclusive workspaces. 

This year’s theme, “Take Action, Make Impact,” encourages individuals and organisations to think about their actions to impact others positively. National Inclusion Week encourages organisations to actively contribute to creating an environment where every individual’s unique perspective is valued and embraced.

With approximately one in seven individuals in the UK and Ireland identifying as having a neurodifference, there is a growing awareness of the importance of inclusivity. Lexxic recognises the need for organisations to establish a workplace culture that welcomes all minds and ensures neurodivergent individuals feel a sense of belonging.

Lexxic’s upcoming webinar, “How to Create a Neuro-inclusive Culture at Work,” will provide participants with actionable insights into building a culture of neuro-inclusion that extends throughout the entire employee lifecycle.

The interactive session will cover defining neuro-inclusion and emphasising its vital role in shaping an organisation’s culture, offering strategies for organisations to initiate and advance their journey toward achieving neuro-inclusion, highlighting the numerous benefits of cultivating a neuro-inclusive environment, including its impact on neurodivergent individuals and showcasing how Lexxic’s expertise can guide organisations in their journey to achieving neuro-inclusion.

The interactive webinar will allow attendees to engage in the conversation and put forward questions to the host and neurodiversity experts within the session. 

“At Lexxic, we believe that true progress towards a more inclusive world begins within the walls of every workplace,” said Brooke Elias, director of marketing and communication at Lexxic. 

“Our webinar aims to empower organisations with the knowledge and strategies they need to embrace neurodiversity and create an environment where every mind belongs.”

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