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Leukaemia Nurse Survives Northern Ireland Troubles, Innovates Global Cancer Care

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Donna Martin shouldn’t be with us today. Her life journey is a testament to resilience and determination. Born in Derry City, Northern Ireland, she faced adversity from a young age, including her mother’s departure and growing up through the depths of the troubles in a politically divided time.

Driven by a spiritual calling to make a difference, Donna pursued a nursing degree, specialising in cancer and leukemia care. Her empathic and intuitive nature made her a top carer, supporting terminal patients during their most challenging times. However, the constant exposure to death and struggles faced from antisocial behavior in her home life lead to eventual death threats and bankruptcy, which ultimately led her down a path of dark depression, leading her wanting to end it all.

But from this lowest point, Donna experienced life-changing epiphanies. A transformative trip to Sydney opened her mind to new possibilities and, upon returning to Ireland, she continued to receive intuitive inner guidance, igniting her desire to positively impact people’s lives. Her unique approach involves helping individuals to align with their true authentic self, addressing past traumas, and gaining clarity for their future through the power of mindset and self-awareness.

Donna’s journey led her to become a certified proctor, Gallagher Mindset consultant, a neurolinguistic practitioner, and a breakthrough coach. She is the creator of the “good life approach” training people to engineer their personal inner guidance, guiding them to intentionally design and create their own Goodlife, in alignment with their vision, values, mission, and goals, igniting exponential success. Donna has rapidly gained recognition as a transformational life coach, working with prominent clients and influencers in the industry.

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