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Lennox Children’s Cancer Fund Launch Their 25 Days of Christmas Giving

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Christmas is stressful at the best of times, now imagine how that stress is magnified if your child is spending the festive season fighting cancer. The joy and celebration that this time of year brings to many, can instead bring intense emotional and financial struggles for the families affected by this terrible disease.   

Parents naturally want to give their child, and siblings the best Christmas ever, but the trauma they experience while worrying about their child’s treatment and future, means their energy and time is alternatively dedicated to putting on a brave face and caring for their sick child. Not forgetting that the poorly child will be battling this awful illness from home or in hospital, while watching their friends at the most social time of the year; having fun, going to parties and attending pantomimes. 

Lennox Children’s Cancer Fund believe that everyone should be able to spend Christmas with their family free of stress, trauma and worry but for many children with cancer and their families that just isn’t always possible. What the charity can do however, is offer emotional, practical and financial support to the families through a range of services including 1:1 emotional support, Care and Crisis grants and free respite holiday breaks. Not just at Christmas, but all year round. 

To continue with this much needed support however they need your help, which is why this Christmas they have launched their 25 Days of Christmas Giving campaign. They are asking for individuals and businesses to donate from £5 up to £1,000, to help support the families they work with this Christmas and beyond. On their websiteyou will be able to see exactly how each donation could directly impact the families they work with; from respite stays in their holiday accommodation, to covering travel costs associated with attending essential hospital appointments. 

Financially many parents affected by childhood cancer will find it tougher than most. The average family can find themselves £600 worse off a month due to the additional costs that having a child with cancer can bring. Add to this the fact that two in five (42%) parents stop work as a consequence of their child’s cancer and 49% of parents experience a loss of earnings and you can see exactly why their support is so in demand, particularly at this time of year. 

If you would like to help Lennox Children’s Cancer Fund to support even more families this Christmas you can do so by getting involved in their 25 days of Christmas Giving campaign. From the 18th of November you can visit the charity website to choose the gift amount you wish to donate. There are a range of gifts that individuals and businesses can fund by making a donation to the charity starting from just £5. Gifts include things such as a treasure box full of presents, magical memories visits, respite holiday breaks and much more. 

Alternatively, you can email the charity at info@lennoxccf.org.uk ’25 days of Christmas Giving’ or call them on 01708 734366. 

Let’s all make this a better Christmas for children with cancer and their families.

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