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Leading Nutritionist Hosts Brand New International Wellness Retreat

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Dr Marilyn Glenville, the UK’s leading nutritionist specialising in women’s health and menopause, and author of the internationally best-selling book Natural Solutions To The Menopause, is hosting an inspiring 6-day Menopause and Wellness Retreat hosted at the Longevity Health and Wellness Hotel in Alvor, Portugal in association with Retreat Away. 

The Retreat’s primary aim is to share how women can truly coast through symptom-free menopause and enjoy a long, full, happy, and healthy life beyond it.

In association with leading health and wellness experts, Retreat Away, this retreat is set to cover. And more importantly, provide natural solutions to – the wide and far-reaching range of issues that today’s modern woman can experience when going through menopause.  

Going through menopause doesn’t mean: 

  • Enduring insomnia, night waking and night sweats that leave women drenched, uncomfortable, and exhausted
  • Suffering from hot flushes, ageing skin, joint pains, loss of concentration, vaginal dryness, and memory changes
  • A fulfilling sex life has to come grinding to a halt, and it is totally possible to eliminate tearful outbursts and riding rollercoasters of emotion
  • Always feeling stressed and anxious
  • Brain fog and memory loss – it is possible to avoid finding car keys in the fridge or having to walk into a room three times before remembering why

As an expert in this field, and with over 30 years of clinical experience, Dr Marilyn Glenville draws on her extensive knowledge specialising in managing menopause, naturally. 

Dr Marilyn Glenville comments, “I’m thrilled to be able to share my knowledge and expertise at the beautiful Longevity Health and Wellness Hotel in Alvor, Portugal.  

This is a hand-picked and utterly fabulous hotel and spa where Retreat attendees can completely relax, let go and treat themselves to unrivalled pampering.  

The Natural Solutions for Perimenopause, Menopause & Prevention of Osteoporosis Retreat involves: 

  • Talks and Q&A with Dr Marilyn Glenville
  • Talk and Live cookery demo with Helen Ford, Dr Glenville’s senior nutritionist and resident foodie.
  • Use of the hotel pool and facilities
  • Fabulous healthy half-board menu offerings  
  • Use of the spa facilities
  • Fabulous, relaxing body and face treatments in the spa
  • Yoga or Pilates and stretch classes 

This fabulous wellness retreat is perfect for anyone approaching or experiencing perimenopause or menopause and struggling with common symptoms that affect the quality of their life. They need not suffer anymore.

Some women may be taking HRT and thinking about coming off it and want to know what natural remedies to take instead.  Or they may be happy taking HRT but want to know what to eat and what supplements to take for their general health. 

But there will be some women who do not want to take HRT or can’t because of a history of breast cancer for example and want to know how to get through this stage in their life comfortably. 

On this retreat, Dr Glenville will show how to have menopause where it is possible to: 

  • Feel full of energy and life
  • Feel sexy and confident
  • Feel healthy, vital, and excited to enter the next life stage

Retreat Away offers the 6-day retreat on double occupancy from £1,610pp or single occupancy for £1,745pp at Longevity Health and Wellness Hotel in Alvor, Portugal. The price includes the retreat programme and half-board meals. 

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