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Leading Independent Non-Alcoholic Spirits Brand CleanCo Set to Appear in “Your Health, Your Pharmacy” Campaign

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Leading independent non-alcoholic spirits brand CleanCo has announced its approval as the first brand within the non-alcoholic category to support and appear within this year’s National Pharmacy Association (NPA) “Your Health, Your Pharmacy” campaign. This marks the first time for a brand within the non-alcoholic space to be included with CleanCo as a suggested alternative for individuals looking to reduce or moderate their alcohol intake.

CleanCo has been approved to appear within the publication Your Health, Your Pharmacy in a segment on lowering alcohol consumption as a suggested non-alcoholic alternative by the National Pharmacy Association (NPA), the representative voice, and seen as the “head office” of independent community pharmacies across the UK. The bi-annual publication is available to patients and customers in independent community pharmacies, both in print and online, allowing pharmacies to promote their services and healthy living through guides.

“Your Health, Your Pharmacy” will be sent to NPA member pharmacies nationwide, reaching over 3 million consumers throughout the course of the 12-month campaign, with a second article including CleanCo to appear in the next bi-annual issue. The publication allows pharmacies to provide information on lowering alcohol consumption to customers who are considering reducing their alcohol intake as opposed to those in active addiction, which requires more specialist medical treatment.

The NPA and “Your Health, Your Pharmacy” support Pharmacy First, an NHS-backed initiative that was launched in early 2024 and enables patients to receive help, support, and prescriptions from their local pharmacy without a GP appointment, which frees up GP appointments for those who need them most while also giving patients quick and convenient access to safe healthcare through their pharmacy.

George Hood, senior marketing manager at CleanCo, said: “Alcohol consumption and moderation can sometimes be hard to navigate, which is why CleanCo is proud to support and feature within this campaign. Our belief is to offer consumers choice without compromising on taste, with a delicious non-alcoholic alternative that replicates the taste and mouthfeel of your favourite full-strength spirit.”

CleanCo founder Spencer Matthews said: “I’m thrilled and excited for CleanCo to be involved in this campaign. Our mission has always been to provide optionality and choice, which is why we are proud to be the first non-alcoholic brand approved to appear in the Your Health, Your Pharmacy campaign.”

Andrew Roberts, Head of Publishing Operations for the NPA’s “Your Health, Your Pharmacy” initiative, said: “We are delighted to welcome CleanCo to our campaign, to promote the use of pharmacies for health and wellness advice. With CleanCo’s valuable contribution, we can better educate the audience on the importance of responsible drinking; helping to inspire the public about the importance of staying informed and engaged in their health journey.”

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