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Laura Barrett is a writer, photographer, and co-founder of two brands: Made in Pembrokeshire and Aunty Social World

Laura has an extensive marketing background and a research specialisation in cyberpsychology. She has co-authored a theoretical paper surrounding online behaviour and graduated with a BSc specialising in sociology and social psychology in 2020. 

Laura takes a critical position through her writing, research and other creative projects. She has a passion for addressing structural inequalities and class-based divisions by embracing the digital world. Her brand, Aunty Social World, is a developing online community, that strives to bring together people from diverse backgrounds who live with social anxiety, as well as equalising accessibility to creative projects and ways of life.

Shortly after graduating in 2020, Laura received her autism diagnosis, which reframed her perception of the world and understanding of the barriers faced by people who are often excluded from mainstream culture. It was after years of her own lived experience of mental illness, as well as studying discourses from a critical perspective, that inspired Laura to establish an online community that brings people together without emphasis on face-to-face contact. 

Laura and her partner are both creatively, digitally and politically inspired, and currently create a range of art within their local community as well as writing for a range of causes. They aim to challenge social norms and class-based inequalities through creativity and research, collaborating with and bringing people together with diverse experiences.





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