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Launch of New Book on Overcoming Food Addiction: ‘Craving Freedom’

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Craving Freedom: The R4 Method to Overcoming Food Addiction, by Dr Bunmi Aboaba will be published on 1st December 2021.

Fact: If you are struggling with obesity, there is a 50% change you are addicted to food. Food addiction is the compulsive pursuit of a mood change, by binge eating.

If you are suffering from food addiction, you will frequently and repeatedly eat and, whenever you have any kind of problem or things get difficult for you, food will be used to try to change your feelings around it. Even if you’re aware of the negative outcome and the physical and psychological damage it can cause, you are unable to stop the vicious cycle you are in. That is because food addiction is a chronic and progressive illness, which, in the worst-case scenario, can be fatal.

Craving Freedom is the book for people who feel they may well have a food addiction, for those who have tried to address their problems before, for those who feel it’s impossible to change, for people feeling trapped and, most importantly, for people who want to heal, recover and get their life back.

The book explains how to beat food addiction, using the R4 method. This is a simple and effective system that helps a person to overcome food addiction, over-eating, stress eating, and cravings. It is the missing puzzle to overcoming self-sabotage with eating so that people can achieve their health, fitness or weight loss goals and maintain them.

The book contains easy to understand science behind why people struggle with non-hunger eating and methods to overcome struggles, plus science-based holistic practices and strength-based solutions, that are delivered with kindness, compassion and care.

In 2003, the World Health Organization declared obesity a global epidemic. However, we are still currently fighting for food addiction to be classified as a mental disorder. It is time for the world to recognise binge eating as a disease so that those suffering get the kind of help and support that it is given to those with other addictions, such as alcoholism.

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