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Laughter and Ditching the Screens Are Best Ways to Keep the Romance Alive According to Survey

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According to a survey run by Scaldersitch Farm, one of the country’s original luxury glamping businesses, spending time together away from phones, computers, and the TV and having a good laugh are the best ways to keep the spark alive in a relationship.

Scaldersitch Farm ran the survey throughout Romance Awareness Month in August, asking more than 1000 British couples of various ages and backgrounds to share their most treasured piece of love advice.

77% of respondents recommended putting the screens away and spending time together, while 76.5% said sharing a sense of humour was important. Communication was a close third, with 74.3% agreeing that confiding in each other and being open when things bother you is key to a successful partnership.

The most popular secrets to a loved-up relationship.

  • Putting the screens away – 77%
  • Laughing together – 76.5%
  • Open communication/confiding in each other – 74.3%
  • Make time for intimacy – 72.1%
  • Date nights – 70%
  • Make space for each other’s interests and hobbies – 66.9%
  • Work as a team/share responsibility – 65.4%
  • Plan treats and surprises – 62.5%
  • Listen – 61.9%
  • Always look for the positive – 59.2%

Catherine Hine, founder of Scaldersitch Farm, says: “We have been welcoming couples to our luxury glamping sites for almost 13 years with many of them looking for a romantic escape – so we were intrigued to learn more about how British couples nurture their relationships.

“In our fast-paced, connected world, it is all too easy to spend hours glued to our phones and laptops, so it was not a surprise to see that appear at the top of the list. Hopefully, the survey results will remind you to spend time in the moment with loved ones.”

Scaldersitch Farm was founded by Catherine and her husband, Ian, in 2011 when glamping and boutique camping were still in their infancy. They started with Secret Cloud House Holidays in the Staffordshire Moorlands before adding the Scaldersitch Farm site in the Peak District in 2015.

Every last detail has been considered in the five award-winning luxury yurts and tipis at Scaldersitch Farm, from the Scandinavian hot tubs, which are heated to the perfect temperature before arrival, to the fridge stocked with premium breakfast produce, super king beds, a private outside seating area, and beautiful finishing touches, such as homegrown, freshly picked flowers.

Alongside the beautifully appointed accommodation, Scaldersitch can create memorable experiences for guests that take romantic stays up yet another notch. From on-site massages and couples’ beauty treatments by the fire to candle-lit dinners, private yoga classes and guided walking tours, the focus is on personalised luxury that meets the specific needs of each individual and couple.

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