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5 Lasting Impacts of the September 11 Attack

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The 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center was a terrorist attack that continues to resonate throughout the American nation, with lasting impacts continuing to affect America in numerous ways. While there’s no denying just how devastating the Twin Towers’ collapse was, and still is, these lasting impacts ring true to millions of Americans decades after the act of terrorism that took the lives of many and left thousands suffering the aftermath.

A death toll that continues to rise

Those whose lives were taken during the Twin Tower’s attack were unfortunately not the end of the death toll count, as it continues to rise to this day. The ever-increasing death toll is due to the ongoing development of serious illness, injury, and psychological impacts that have taken lives by suicide. Two decades later, the terrorist attack continues to plague the nation with an increasing death toll.

Climbing numbers of cancer and serious illness

As the years pass on, thousands of individuals in the Lower Manhattan area from the date of the attack in 2001 to the end of May the following year have reported cancer diagnosis’ that is the direct result of the inhalation of toxins, dust, and debris. Fortunately, a 9/11 victims compensation fund is available to victims of the attack that have later developed a serious illness. It is best to claim from the fund with the help of a lawyer specializing in 9/11 claims cases. 

Life-altering injuries and permanent disabilities

Many individuals on the attack scene were seriously injured while attempting to escape the collapse of the iconic Twin Towers. Unfortunately, many of these individuals were left with life-altering injuries and even permanent disabilities. As these individuals are considered survivors of the attack, the 9/11 victims compensation fund is also available to assist with ongoing medical bills, loss of income, and the pain and suffering of enduring the traumatising attack. While ongoing cancer research is giving hope to millions worldwide, the illness remains a frightening diagnosis that is often a life-long fight to recovery.

Life-long psychological harm

Thousands of Americans lost loved ones in the attack, and those who were close enough to the scene endured the trauma of witnessing terrorism first-hand. These individuals are left with life-long psychological scaring that could be in the form of post-traumatic stress disorder and various other severe mental conditions that can hinder daily life. Reports also show a large increase in PTSD symptoms in children following the attack. Despite the availability of therapy and counseling for these individuals, the impacts are lasting as the event stands as one that Americans will never forget. 

Ongoing wars 

One of the more significant impacts of the attack that is not directly related to the ongoing health impacts felt by thousands of Americans is endless wars. The act of terrorism sparked a never-ending war between nations and continues to this day. Unfortunately, there is no doubting the devastating effects of war itself, but peace between the attackers and America is hardly within sight. What’s more, war has its very own impacts, from economic harm to its own increasing death toll.

Despite the fall of the World Trade Center taking place decades ago, the attack’s impacts will continue to plague America for decades to come. While some may recover damages from compensation funds, others will never get back their loved ones who died during the attack.

Tommy Williamson did his degree in psychology at the University of Edinburgh. He has an ongoing interest in mental health and well-being.

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