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New Book Series: ‘Language, Discourse and Mental Health’

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The editors are very pleased to announce the new book series, Language, Discourse and Mental Health published with the University of Exeter Press. This book series is a unique resource to further knowledge and understanding of mental health from a linguistic perspective.

Using qualitative and quantitative approaches to language-based analysis, the empirical and theoretical contributions will provide a compelling insight on mental health from a range of perspectives and contexts, including psychotherapeutic communication, public presentations of mental health, literary accounts of lived experiences, and language features associated with specific mental health problems. This interdisciplinary book series will be an essential reference for students, researchers and practitioners in linguistics and communication, education, cognitive science, psychology, counselling and psychotherapy, special needs, medicine, nursing, and medical anthropology.

Scope of the book series

The book series is framed in terms of linguistic perspectives that differentiate between communication about mental health (i.e., language performance or use), and the communication of individuals with mental health problems (i.e., language competence or systems) in real-world and research contexts.

Such a focus is anticipated to be captured through the following linguistic perspectives: sociolinguistics and sociocultural linguistics, cognitive linguistics and psycholinguistics, literary linguistics and stylistics. These can be applied through a range of language-based methodologies, including qualitative methods (e.g., discourse analysis, conversation analysis, interpretative phenomenological analysis, narrative analysis, thematic analysis), quantitative methods (e.g., corpus-based approaches, quantitative content analysis), and also experimental methods.

Consistent with an interdisciplinary framework that seeks to encourage and strengthen interdisciplinary research of mental health, the book series aims to encompass a wide repertoire different theoretical and philosophical views and a broad range of themes that add significant value to the field of mental health research, including:

  • Understanding of mental health and mental health problems by developing empirical and theoretical knowledge of mental health from different perspectives;
  • Living with mental health problems by improving understanding of individuals’ perceptions of living with mental health problems; 
  • Effective interventions by focusing on the effectiveness of psychological intervention in the treatment and prevention of mental health problems; 
  • Wider inequalities in society (e.g., issues around gender, ethnicity, poverty sexuality and faith);
  • Vulnerable and hard-to-reach populations in society, including drug users, migrants and homeless people.

Call for book proposals

The book series Language, Discourse and Mental Health is accepting book proposals for monographs and edited volumes. To discuss your book proposal, please contact the book series editors. The book series will launch in spring 2019.

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