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Kracking Up (In a Good Way): A Night of Stand Up for Mental Health Comedy

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It’s well known that humour can have powerful impact on both our physical and mental health. The idea that laughter is the best medicine has been around for centuries In his 1905 book, Jokes and Their Relation to the Unconscious, Sigmund Freud argued that humour is the highest of the psyche’s defence mechanisms, capable of turning anxiety into pleasure.

Even though humour is part of everyday life, only in the last 40 years has psychology begun to discern its impact on mental health. Researchers have shown that positive humour can be a protective factor against symptoms of anxiety and depression. It can even be a balm against the psychological toll of death and dying.

With the bad press coverage people with serious mental illnesses have been getting for ages, David Granirer would like to introduce to a new concept: mental illness comedy.

People with the same mental illnesses that have been blamed for atrocious crimes, will perform stand-up comedy that pokes fun at their diagnoses and experiences.

Join comedian (and Canadian) David Granirer, founder of Stand Up for Mental Health and members of Fountain House (the world’s largest clubhouse for the mentally ill) for a virtual night of comedy that may just change how you view people with serious mental illnesses. As one anonymous audience member put it: ‘That crazy loon was mad funny, yo…’

In David’s Stand Up for Mental Health course, people with mental health and addictions issues turn their problems into stand up comedy, then perform their acts at conferences, treatment centers, psych wards, for various mental health organisations, corporations, government agencies, on college and university campuses, and most importantly for the general public.

The event is taking place on Monday 25 April at 7:30pm EST. It’s hosted by Fountain House, Schizophrenic NYC, City Voices, and Stand Up for Mental Health 

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