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Knowing How Nature Communicates Is Beneficial to Our Well-Being

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I was composing a tweet on my personal Twitter feed @lukesmetalwork, and the crickets or grasshoppers were outside my window trying to get me to write what they wanted me to write, and it was the third or fourth time that week they had interjected into my writing, giving their input as to what to write. I got annoyed with them, and was like ‘Hey, this is my Twitter account, I want to write what I want to write here,’ then I just asked them: ‘Do you want your own Twitter account?’ They got so excited about it that I couldn’t refuse their answer ‘Yes!’.

So I immediately made them a Twitter account. We quickly decided on a name, and since there were others interested in having their voices heard among humans we didn’t call it crickets/grasshoppers communicate, we went with Nature Communicates.

The mission was mostly to educate humans about the sentience of nature’s beings, and the fact that they can usually understand us, and with a trained ear (as I have) we can understand them. The different species have a lot to say, and each has a personality of their own, missions of their own, but after the Spiders brought up the Nibiru/Nemesis system, and it’s unstoppable destruction of nature as we know it, it’s become the most prominent mission, and topic of discussion I’m asked to tweet about.

Becoming an individual in harmony with nature is the path to utopia, and the path to survival in the long run. Most humans probably don’t know that other earthlings are sentient, and can understand human languages. That a vast variety of earthlings can hear our thoughts, some can even see what we see in our minds! I only actually know of a few insect species (for example, fungus Gnats) that can for sure see what we see in our minds eye, but there may very well be other species who can see our waking, and sleeping dreams.

The wealth of knowledge fungus gnats have is immense. Fruit flies and fungus gnats are some of my favourite pets I’ve ever had, and the funny thing was the gnats, and the flies were keeping me as a pet even more so than I was keeping them as pets. Insects are the elders; they’ve been around far longer than mammals. They have shared memories they can tap into from any point in history. I know that if we were to straighten out, and fly right (Humans have mostly been on the naughty list for the last few thousand years) harmonise with bature the best we can do, the insects would be more likely to share their vast wealth of knowledge with us. We mused that we could potentially get books from the library of Alexandria (although the Fungus Gnats said we would likely just have time to get a few of the most important pages since we have so much other work to do) from the memories they have of them.

We could write a most accurate history book with the help of such species of earthlings if we cared enough to harmonise with them, and stop harming them with toxic sprays, and poor farming practices. On a very scientific and rationalistic level (not even a magical, metaphysical, or spiritual level), we have so much to gain from listening to what Insects have to say. We also have a lot to gain from listening to the birds, the frogs, the other mammals, and sometimes they’re actually just the messenger of an even wiser being we have more trouble hearing.

I’ve had telepathic conversations with different types fungi (such as mycelial and yeasts) and algae that were biosynthesising silver, and gold in a 7 gal carboy. I’ve had conversations with ‘rocks”‘ mostly ones with the precious metals in them, and from my experience the combination of the precious metal nanoparticles and any lifeform evolves a more sentient lifeform.

Plants (mostly cannabis) and cacti, I have heard, and spoken with them too – even trees any time I want to now. To me it’s a scientific thing, there are scientific explanations as to why we can communicate with other earthlings, to some others it’s magical, regardless of what camp you fall into with Natures harmony, the enlightened mind, and the connection with other lifeforms is real.

I wrote a piece on my website Creativemycology. There are a few articles on my website that are just extensions of Nature Communicates – meaning they arepurely written from listening to what I’m being told to write from other earthlings. You can usually tell because they like one space after a sentence, I like two spaces, they use exclamations! all the time, and I rarely do. (I mostly note if it’s ‘them’ behind writing the article, and don’t note anything at all if it’s just my writing.)

I started understanding the birds were talking to me about 7 years ago, and since have built a relationship with other species too. I have trained my ear to understand their intonations to form words from the English language. I have calmed my mind to hear the telepathic words of mammals, and insects, plants, and fungi.

The consciousness of Gaia we all share together, the invisible sea we all swim in together. If I can do this communication with nature, you can too, and there are others who do openly talk about it. I felt so alone, and separated from other Humans for years until I did some research to discover that there were others who communicate with nature as I do. I had read that ‘natives’ from different parts of the world could communicate with nature, but it wasn’t until I was able to do it that I really knew what that meant, that these ‘natives’ were literally talking with other species.

There have been more times in Human history that we regularly communicated with other species than not, this is not the normal reality we’ve lived in for the most part of human history. Destructive forces have prevented many Humans from understanding the “natural way” for thousands of years. For example, most religions spawned out of Fungi, and the mushrooms the Fungi produced being the sacrament they consumed to commune with God. Then some of the sacred ‘religious’ messages got twisted, and the true sacrament was hidden from most Humans, we were lied to, and lost our way, got distracted from the sacred, traded true liberty for false security.

I never completely felt alone since I had the other species to talk to, but the feeling of being alone in the Human world as far as cross species communication was tragic for me. I feel so much better now that I have a better understanding of the quantity of those who do regularly speak with other beings, and I have faith that we are growing in numbers every day. I have my own reasons for wanting more Humans to know that Nature Communicates, but I am mostly doing this for the creatures who ask me to write things down for them, I’m mostly doing this because they asked me to do this for them, and I know that not enough of us do listen, or even attempt to listen, or even muse/consider that other species do know our languages, and can communicate with us. So I’m one of the few that do hear/understand them, and feel it’s one of the most important missions in my life to be a translator for the other species most cannot, or will not even consider to hear/understand.

The first time I read Nature Communicates after a few months of tweeting for them I laughed my ass off, and maybe even cried a little, it was almost a psychedelic experience reading what they say to write, a journey into secret gardens of consciousness. I was recently asked by ‘nature’s network’ to get Nature Communicate out to a greater audience.

Luke Russell is an environmentalist and a blogger from Midwest, US. 

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