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Know Everything About Hyperbaric Chamber Therapy

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When your body is not getting an adequate supply of oxygen and, its functioning gets affected, a hyperbaric oxygen chamber therapy could help your body perform better. Let us find out more about this therapy.

What is hyperbaric oxygen chamber therapy?

Hyperbaric chamber therapy lets your body breathe pure oxygen in a pressurised environment. It helps you get over decompression sickness, which is an after-effect of scuba diving. With this therapy, you can get relief from wounds that may not heal because of diabetes or radiation injury.

It also helps you get past serious infections and air bubbles in your blood vessels. Under this therapy, the air pressure increases two to three times higher than normal air pressure, which helps your lungs gather much more oxygen.

This pressure leads to an increased flow of oxygen into your body and helps in stimulating the release of growth factors and stem cells to pace up your healing process.

Why is hyperbaric oxygen chamber therapy done?

Our body needs a rich quantity of oxygen to function adequately. The injury in the tissue makes its survival even more difficult in the absence of oxygen. If you are going through any of these issues, you may want to consider looking for a ‘hyperbaric chamber near me‘ to relieve yourself of these health problems. It helps you put many medical conditions to rest. These conditions are   

  • Acute anaemia
  • Abscess in the brain
  • Air vessel bubble
  • Burns and carbon monoxide poisoning
  •  Decompression sickness and sudden deafness
  • Tissue injuries and gangrene
  • Traumatic brain injury and radiation injury
  •  Sudden and painless loss of vision

How does the therapy take place?

For your hyperbaric chamber treatment, you will have to change into a hospital gown in place of your regular clothing. Lighters and heat-emitting battery-powered devices are not allowed inside the chamber for your own safety. You should also avoid petroleum-based skincare products that can cause potential harm by fire.

Hyperbaric chambers are designed in two ways

  • One which accommodates only one person
  •  The other one is that which can accommodate many people. It is like a large hospital room where you can lie down or sit.

You breathe in oxygen through a mask over your face. It can also be done through a lightweight and transparent hood placed over your head.

Summing up

Whether you undergo your therapy session as an individual or within a group, it does not compromise with its benefits. Since the air pressure is two to three times higher than usual, it will create a feeling of fullness in your ears. This feeling is similar to the one you go through in an airplane or at a high elevation.

If you are wondering how long the oxygen therapy in a ‘hyperbaric chamber near me’ will last, it will stretch up to a span of two hours. The medical professionals will monitor your therapy unit through the process. You will need more than one session of the hyperbaric chamber treatment to see good results. 

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