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KILROY Launches Global Adventure Competition for Young Explorers to Win Dream Travel Experience

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KILROY has launched a competition to recruit one young British adventurer to join an international line-up of eight recruits for its revamped Explorer Programme – an extraordinary opportunity for young jetsetters to win a life-defining 20 to 25-day travel experience worth up to €5,000. 

The lucky winners from KILROY’s eight established European markets will become KILROY ambassadors, exploring a range of experiences including backpacking, volunteering and group tours across the world over an unforgettable few weeks, all while sharing photos and videos from their adventures on KILROY’s website and social media channels. 

The thrilling destinations up for grabs include:

  • South Korea and China
  • Chile and Argentina
  • Cambodia and Laos
  • Vietnam
  • Tanzania
  • Fiji and New Zealand
  • Mexico and Belize
  • Panama
  • Nepal and Northern India 

Aspiring explorers competing for their place on the Explorer Programme need to showcase their creativity, passion, and content skills, like storytelling, editing and videography, through a 1-minute TikTok or Instagram video. 

In their video, applicants should introduce themselves and their dream travel destination, and share either an unexpected travel experience, unusual travel tips, tricks and hacks, or an existing or budding passion or skill and their dream destination to put it into practice.  Ever wanted to try scuba-diving in Fiji, trekking in South America, or yoga in India? This could be just the ticket.

Applicants must follow and tag the KILROY UK social media accounts: @kilroy_uk on TikTok and @kilroy_uk on Instagram, and include their name, age, and dream destination in the caption when posting their video, as well as the hashtag #explorerprogram2024. Make sure to submit your entry by midnight on the 11th of April 2024 to avoid missing out, and visit their website for all the T&Cs. 

“The Explorer Programme isn’t just about winning a holiday,” said Christina Fahrenholz, chief marketing officer at KILROY International. “It’s about stimulating creativity, sharing your passions, and starting a journey that will transform your life. We can’t wait to see the incredible stories and talents that emerge from this year’s programme.

After applications close, the Explorer Programme panel will carefully review all submissions and select three applicants from each market to advance to the next round. This shortlist will be interviewed, and then the panel will announce the winning ambassadors of the 2024 Explorer Programme on 31st May. 

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