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Canadian Digital Health Company Celebrates Launch of Kids Digital Health Platform on World Autism Awareness Day

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The Uncomplicated Family (TUF) Corporate Group, an innovative group of companies leading global projects in the digital therapeutics space, proudly announces the launch of Kids Digital Health, a collection of universally accessible serious games and content for children and families with complex needs.

Launching on World Autism Awareness Day, Kids Digital Health offers low-cost, home-based, clinician-curated games, apps, and content known to have a positive impact on children’s health, well-being, and overall development. It emphasises serious games – video games designed to be entertaining while improving brain function through neuroplasticity.

‘Over half of the world’s children play video games more than an hour a day and more than 15 per cent live with a neurodevelopmental disability such as autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and attention deficit disorder (ADD),’ explains Robyn Woods, Founder and CEO of TUF. ‘Kids Digital Health offers the fun and digital experience that kids are seeking while giving parents confidence that they are supporting their child’s cognitive development.’

The launch of Kids Digital Health represents more than three years of international research and development involving digital health leaders across four countries. It reflects the best of what is known in brain science, children’s digital health, and children’s entertainment today.

‘We are launching at a time when many parents are home with their children and looking for healthy, educational games and content that will keep their attention and interest,’ says Woods. ‘We have been working toward this offering for many years and know that now, more than ever, it will help to fulfil our efforts to improve access to healthcare service delivery on a global scale.’

To celebrate this exciting milestone, the Kids Digital Health platform is being offered to subscribers at a discounted launch package price – 99 cents for the first month of usage and $4.95/month for the first year to follow.

For more information and to subscribe to the Kids Digital Health platform, visit their website.


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