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Kickstarting a Healthier Diet

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It can be very easy to let your diet slip over time. You can find that work, family, and other life commitments can get in the way of you eating as healthily as you want to. If your diet has slipped, then it’s time to take back control. To take back control, you may need to give yourself a kickstart, as this will help you rediscover your motivation and focus.

Meal preparation and planning

You can often find that you’re eating unhealthy foods because you’re not planning and preparing your meals in advance. When you’re always rushing your meals, you may be consuming more calories than you need, and you may not be giving your body the nutrition and goodness that it requires. Meal planning and preparation can be important as they will allow you to weigh out the fresh ingredients that you want to use. 

It can also be essential if you struggle to swallow and consume meals. You can plan meals around this and include ingredients that you find easier to consume. You can also include SimplyThick thickener gel because it will make meals and foodstuffs much easier to swallow and consume. Meal planning and preparation will ensure that you get variety in your diet, and it will help you stay on track with healthier eating.

Getting the fruit and vegetables you need

How much fruit and vegetables are you consuming a day, or every week? You’re probably not consuming half of the fresh fruit and vegetables that you should be, and this can have a detrimental impact on your health. Ideally, you should be looking to consume around five pieces of fruit and vegetables each day. To make sure you consistently hit these figures, you may have to look at having fruit for breakfast, salad at lunch, and vegetables for dinner with your meals.

Looking at vitamins

It can be difficult to get the right amount of nutrients each day. You may find that you need a supplement or vitamin. For instance, you may find that your diet is lacking in iron, therefore you need to take an iron supplement. Or you may find that your diet doesn’t give you enough B12, therefore you may have to add this to your meals, or to a warm drink. Meal planning and preparation play a useful part in getting the right vitamins. Planning and preparation can help you establish where you may have deficiencies.

Cutting out the snacking

How often are you just getting a snack, or perhaps reaching for the snack cabinet when you’re at home? Most people are guilty of it (even though they might not like to admit it). Snacking on often sugary, highly processed foods isn’t good for your diet, or for your well-being. You can often gain extra weight through snacking alone. Cutting out the snacks or even looking at reducing them is important. When you do this, you can regain control over what you’re consuming and why, making sure you avoid any sugary and highly processed foods.

Tim Williamson, a psychology graduate from the University of Hertfordshire, has a keen interest in the fields of mental health, wellness, and lifestyle.

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