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Kick Off 2024 with a Pleasure Resolution at Beducated

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As the calendar flips to 2024, Beducated is counting down the most satisfying reasons for skipping the gym membership and focusing on sexual health and satisfaction in the New Year.

“Forget hardcore gym resolutions this year; let’s make pleasure a priority. It’s not just fun; it’s essential for our health and happiness,” says Mariah Freya, CEO of Beducated.

With a subscription to Beducated, members can:

  • Master new techniques: enhanced skills, diverse experiences, expert guidance
  • Reignite the spark: explore solo or together; continuous discovery
  • Enjoy sex more: build confidence, deepen pleasure, and adopt a holistic approach

With fewer than 50% of individuals fully satisfied with their sex lives, Freya says there’s clearly room for improvement. “January’s Pleasure Wrapped Research by Lioness reveals it as the peak month for masturbation, highlighting the existing but often ignored pleasure resolution trend. Instead of setting goals that tend to fizzle out by March, why not make a lasting commitment to pleasure?”

Beducated offers a transformative approach to sexual well-being by keeping the excitement alive, exploring uncharted territories, discovering new methods and positions, and digging deep into 100 detailed informational courses with realistic, easy-to-follow instructions.

“With Beducated, we’re unlocking doors to pleasure that many didn’t even know existed. It’s about time we change the narrative around sexual well-being,” adds Freya. “Five minutes a day with Beducated can transform your sexual life. It’s simple, enjoyable, and incredibly rewarding.”

To learn more about Beducated, visit Beducated to discover 100+ pleasure-based sex education courses covering everything from self-pleasure to kink exploration, with subscriptions starting at $9.99 a month for an annual pass. Non-subscribers can also explore the service with a 24-hour free trial.

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