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KFSH&RC Announces Zero Harm Conference to Drive High Reliability Transformation in the Healthcare Industry

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The King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre (KFSH&RC) will host the quality, leadership, and pursuit of zero harm conference in Riyadh on 16th November. The conference is dedicated to the pursuit of unwavering patient safety and the advancement of high reliability in healthcare. It also highlights KFSH&RC’s commitment to creating a zero-harm healthcare environment.

Held in collaboration with the Joint Commission International (JCI) and Joint Commission Arabia (JCA), the event will bring together an exclusive assembly of healthcare professionals, distinguished academics, forward-thinking researchers, healthcare policymakers, and visionary executive leaders.

Dr Hisham Alomran, the president of the conference and the chief quality officer at KFSH&RC, invited healthcare professionals across all specialties and researchers to participate in the conference. He encourages attendees to take advantage of the diverse array of meetings, discussions, and workshops offered.

The conference will host an array of panel discussions and workshops, focusing on high-reliability practices in healthcare inspired by the nuclear energy and aviation sectors. Topics include strategies for achieving and maintaining high standards in healthcare operations and their application in medical and nursing teams.

Aligned with vision 2030’s healthcare goals, the conference aims to transform healthcare through knowledge exchange, expertise transfer, and transformative collaborations, enhancing community involvement and strengthening high reliability in healthcare organizations.

At the conference, KFSH&RC will illuminate the pathway to harmonise their operations with the beliefs of high reliability, ensuring that they will consistently deliver the highest levels of care and safety to their esteemed patients. It will deeply explore the profound impact of high-reliability organisations (HROs) on the overall health outcomes of their patients.

Furthermore, the conference will serve as a dynamic forum for dissecting the complexities of sustaining and expanding the capacities of high-reliability organizations. The pivotal role of visionary health care leaders in promoting and nurturing a culture of high reliability will be explored, as well as the innovative strategies they can employ to create an environment that builds continuous improvement and innovation.

The KFSH&RC is globally recognised for its exceptional specialised healthcare services and groundbreaking innovations. It stands as an advanced hub for medical research and education, committed to advancing medical technologies and raising the standard of healthcare on a global scale. Through collaborations with prominent local, regional, and international institutions, it aspires to deliver world-class services in clinical care, research, and education.

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