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KFSH&RC’s Has Enhanced Patient Care and Accessibility for 27 Years

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In the backdrop of increasing demand for specialised health care and the challenges of accessing it beyond metropolitan areas, the Health Outreach Program at King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center (KFSH&RC) has been a game changer. Established 27 years ago, this initiative has proven itself as a cutting-edge model in both ensuring easier access to health care and elevating the patient journey.

Across 35 offices peppered throughout the Kingdom, the Health Outreach Program has a clear goal: to deliver health care services to patients within their own regions. This not only alleviates the strains of travel but also mitigates the financial and emotional tolls associated with it. Furthermore, the program seeks to enrich clinical, educational, and training experiences, collaborating closely with the Ministry of Health and various national healthcare institutions.

The Global Health Exhibition, taking place in Riyadh from 29–31 October, will see KFSH&RC as a strategic health partner. During this event, the hospital will spotlight the remarkable transition the Health Outreach Program has ushered in, particularly in terms of patient experience and the diverse services it encompasses.

Among the myriad services rendered by the program are coordinating clinic appointments, surgeries, and hospital stays. This also extends to overseeing patient referrals, handling medical reports, and ensuring timely medication refills. One notable feature is the blood drawing initiative. Here, a patient’s blood sample is dispatched to the main hospital branch, ensuring analyses are conducted and results are dispatched within a 24-hour window, all without the patient having to venture outside their city. Remarkably, the outreach offices processed an impressive 14,000 blood samples in the past year.

But that’s not all. The programme has also delved into telemedicine, offering remote intensive care and even medical second opinions for both local and regional health establishments. This involves specialist doctors meticulously reviewing medical reports of patients residing in distant cities or even other countries. They subsequently provide invaluable recommendations on diagnostic methods and potential treatments. This bridges a crucial gap in specialist personnel, allowing for a more efficient and widespread utilisation of their expertise.

However, the Health Outreach Program’s vision extends beyond mere healthcare delivery. It also encompasses a robust educational facet, organising virtual lectures and coordinating certified medical conferences complete with continuing medical education hours. This targets healthcare practitioners with the aim of bolstering knowledge, facilitating experience transfer, and propagating standout clinical practices.

KFSH&RC has carved a niche for itself on the global stage as a forefront runner in specialised health care. It’s not just a hub for medical innovation but also stands as a paragon in medical research and education. With a focus on pioneering medical technologies and elevating global health care standards, the hospital actively collaborates with esteemed local, regional, and international entities. This synergy is geared towards achieving unparalleled service in the realms of clinical care, research, and education.

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