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4 Tips for Keeping Your Mental Health in Check

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A lot of people think that physical health is the most important aspect of living a long and healthy life. However, your mental health is equally as important, if not more. In order to live a long and happy life, well into your retirement years, it’s important that you have a healthy mind. Here are some of the things that you can do to make sure that your mental health is looked after. 


Between your job and any small children that you might have, it can be difficult to get in those z’s during your younger years. However, it’s important that you get at least seven hours of sleep on average. The less sleep that you have, the more susceptible you are to mood swings and even depression. 

Every time that you sleep, your body regulates its internal chemicals. The chemicals your body regulates while snoozing are key in helping you control your emotions and moods. If you have difficulty sleeping, eventually, it will start to take its toll on your emotional well being. 

Eat well 

Eating well isn’t just for looking good in your tight jeans. Eating well is also important for your mental health. Believe it or not, certain vitamin deficiencies are known for affecting your mood. It’s important that you have a balanced diet full of plenty of fruits and vegetables and avoid consuming too much caffeine. Even though it’s legal, it doesn’t mean that it’s not a stimulant. 

Avoid drugs and alcohol 

Technically, a few drinks here and there aren’t very dangerous.  However, many people struggle to find a balance between a few drinks and a few too many. The problem with drinking too often is that it can start to affect your mood. A lot of people drink regularly because it makes them feel calmer and more relaxed. 

However, it comes with the price tag attached. Even though you may feel more relaxed at the moment when drinking, most people experience increased anxiety and depression the next day. Drugs of all sorts affect your ability to rationalize and can lead to behaviour that can greatly impact your mental health. You’re better off looking for natural highs in life.

Go outside 

It’s not always easy to go outside during a worldwide pandemic. However, it’s essential to do it at least once a day. Even though you may not feel like going outside, especially on a cloudy day, it’s important that you do. Sunlight, yes, even on cloudy days, is an essential source of vitamin D. Vitamin D plays a role in how well our bodies function, particularly our brains. Most experts suggest going out outside between one and two hours a day. 

Elena Deeley did her degree in psychology at the University of Edinburgh. She has an ongoing interest in mental health and well-being.

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