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Katie Price Has Been Announced as the New Ambassador of Autism Charity Anna Kennedy Online

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Since autism advocate Anna Kennedy OBE met Katie Price after Harvey performed on the well known Autism’s Got Talent, Anna was proud to welcome Harvey as one of her charity ambassadors two years ago, who has supported the ‘Give Us A Break‘ anti-bullying campaign. Thereafter, Anna has been helping Katie on her journey to find a college for Harvey and by working together formed a close relationship.

Anna Kennedy OBE contributed to the ‘Harvey and me’ documentary which was aired on Monday 25th January at 8.30pm on BBC One with over 4 million viewers. This is now available on BBC iPlayer for the next two weeks. 

Announced last week whilst Anna and Katie were chatting on Katie’s new stereo podcast that she is joining her son, the lovely Harvey Price, as an ambassador for Anna’s UK autism charity, Anna Kennedy Online.

Katie loves the work of the charity and wants to help Harvey raise awareness about trolling through ‘Harvey’s Law’ and the charity’s ‘Give Us a Break‘ anti-bullying campaign. 

Katie and Anna will be sharing more podcasts, a YouTube channel, and other projects very soon. If you would like to check out the work of the charity, please subscribe to their quarterly free newsletter through their website.

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