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Karin Brauner is an entrepreneur with a passion for helping people in many areas, ranging from personal to business life.

Karin is a bilingual speaker (Spanish and English), with experience in many cultural backgrounds. She’s worked with people with learning disabilities and autism for 11 years, which have given her invaluable experience and knowledge that crosses all her areas of work.

She’s now focusing on her own business, KB Bilingual Services, which ranges from offer counselling support for clients struggling with everyday issues, as well as supervising colleagues that are seeing a variety of clients in their own practice.

Karin has recently started providing workshops with Onlinevents to support other business owners – particularly but not exclusively well-being practitioners – in how to market their practices and create content that will develop that know-like-trust factor.

Karin is also a writer, having published 20 Self Care Habits in 2018, and working on a fictional novel due later this year. She also writes regularly and collaborates with colleagues in her blog and other websites, including Psychreg.

Find out more about what Karin is planning to add to her offering of services and products via her directory of services. You can also follow her on social media and join her groups via this link.




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