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JustFor.fans Highlighted in Revealing New Documentary “Men at Work: Selling Sex Online “

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 JustFor.fans (JFF) lays bare the highs, lows and true-life tales of independent adult content creators with the release of Men at Work: Selling Sex Onlinea revealing new documentary from Border2Border Entertainment.
Written and directed by Charlie David, the provocative 50-minute feature delves into the phenomenon of adult entertainers creating, shooting and starring in their own productions, with popular and far-reaching platforms such as JustFor.fans acting as de facto film distributors that monetize these productions directly through their sites.
JFF founder Dominic Ford, who is featured in the film through a series of interviews, said, “This documentary is important because it peels back the curtain of the ‘fan’ economy; it shows how empowering it is for male models to work on their own terms and become financially independent while doing something they love, safely from their homes. As the creator of JustFor.fans, it fills me with immense joy and purpose to know that we are part of the infrastructure allowing these men to become the best versions of themselves.”
Men at Work explores the early days of ‘Porn Valley’ when performers made their fortunes through the studio system; that is, until the rise of the Internet shifted the industry’s onscreen offerings from VHS and DVD formats to free streaming via ubiquitous tube sites that effectively removed the ‘pay for your porn’ business model. With this, the rise of ‘creators’ shooting original content for online subscription services that once again provide substantial revenue opportunities, as well as a DIY production sensibility that affords a more authentic connection with fans.
“It was a thrill to be part of this documentary. It’s refreshing for a documentary to talk about sex work and never bring shame or stigma into the narrative,” enthused Ford. “This documentary is a positive and empowering look at those entrepreneurs who are making money from the safety of their homes, and who are proudly (and lucratively) working in the sex industry. JustFor.fans and I are proud to be part of the ecosystem that enables and empowers these amazing men.”
Charlie David expressed praise for Ford’s contributions in the film, saying, “At Border2Border Entertainment, we like to push the envelope in our storytelling and find big personalities that value diversity and inclusion as much as we do. When we connected with Dominic, we were excited to learn about all the ways his business is revolutionising an industry and putting opportunity directly in the hands of talent. 
“When making the Men at Work: Selling Sex Online documentary, we learned just how hard many of these guys work – they are wearing multiple hats – though not much else! – while producing, filming, editing and collaborating on their content creation. Dominic is passionate about what he does; he seems to care a lot about the well-being of the talent who use JustFor.fans and continually finds new ways to optimise the platform. It was fun to work together on this documentary, and we look forward to more opportunities to collaborate in the future.”

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