Volunteer Jules Goodger – Saint Francis Hospice Story

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From a secretary to a social work teacher, Jules Goodger has enjoyed a varied career. Yet nothing quite measures up to the fulfilment she gets from volunteering on the ward at Saint Francis Hospice. People will often ask Jules how she can spend time in, what they believe, to be such a sad environment. ‘It’s a very happy place, I simply love being at the Hospice,’ she quickly pointed out.

Jules admitted that the most challenging part of her role is getting to know a patient, only for them not to be there when she returns. ‘I’m prepared for that,’ she said. ‘I’m always guaranteed a smile and a laugh from the patients and nurses, which makes those situations easier.’

Jules revealed how social distancing has changed the way she works, yet it’s rewarding to know she’s doing her bit during the COVID-19 pandemic. By volunteering on the ward, Jules is relieving the pressure on the Hospice nurses, and in turn, the NHS. ‘Knowing that I’m helping makes me feel so much better about myself,’ she declared.

Aside from volunteering, Jules juggles two new-found careers wedding planning and performing ceremonies for weddings, funerals, and naming. She also cares for her niece, who is living with multiple disabilities. Thank you for everything you do for Saint Franics Hospice, Jules.

You can also help the Hospice’s nurses through the COVID-19 pandemic by supporting the Hospice’s urgent appeal. You can find out more about how you can help here.

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