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Journey of Faith – Sacrosanct or Conventional Wisdom

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We all have health challenges in our lives. When a major setback in health occurs, how do we deal with it, what will be your strength or hope? Well, I don’t have any experience of this. But, to me, it’s inescapable. God is my protector. He is my sanitiser. It is the solace for billions of people grappling with a situation of a pandemic where the world seems to have few answers. Sanitisers and leaders have both driven the globe’s faith closer to the religion and all the rituals. I will try to put my anchored thoughts from the psalms of God’s people.

Praise and deal 

I am a thinker and not a feeler. As a rule of thumb, I tend to keep my body able to cope with the mechanisms in the stressful and tougher times. Sometimes I wish to learn how to turn things over to God. So spending enough time with Him in His presence is a worthy strength to do that. The trust that His hands will keep me safe provides me with the resolve to go right through the difficult times strongly. God helps people deal with the shocking news. There are truths of heaven, truths of God’s abiding presence, complaints about deep sufferings, promises that everything will work out well, and many more. The theme such as God’s love or God’s grace removes all the ultimate sting of death and much more.

Holy kindness 

In one of my blog entries, a series of events brought me even closer to God. I became more curious as to how God heals people. I have been trying intentionally hard to be in His presence and be as close to Him as possible. And with this devotion from huge suffering suddenly helped me experience His loving touch. A realisation that I have free will, I too have a choice – to be with Him or turn away from Him, or try to do something on my own, choose my own path. When we suffer deeply, it is likely that we forget all the loving-kindness of God. We are into the vision of a tunnel, not able to put in the deep pain in the context of the eternal world to find hope.

Everlasting truth

Like a boat’s anchor firmly in a place, before any storm rises in the ocean or anywhere on earth, my faith became solidly in place in my body (mind for that matter too) before everything was crashed in the world. Study the religious scripts as a guide to help cope in situations. Read faith-related materials to assist in growing deep in faith. When days seem elusive, God stands forever. The pious platitudes do not matter in hard sufferings. Have a strong belief that God will solve all the problems and answer all your prayers. This will enhance hope and courage.

Rope up to God, Run to Him. Find peace in the middle of chaos, courage in the middle of fear, strength in the middle of weakness. Percolated knowledge is no wisdom.

Jashan Jot Kaur is a researcher at Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana.

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