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Call for Critical Papers for New Section of Journal of Humanities in Rehabilitation

Dr Barbara Gibson and Dr Jenny Setchell

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Dr Barbara Gibson and Dr Jenny Setchell, (2018, May 11). Call for Critical Papers for New Section of Journal of Humanities in Rehabilitation. Psychreg on Editor's Choice. https://www.psychreg.org/journal-of-humanities-in-rehabilitation/
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The Journal of Humanities in Rehabilitation’s new section, Critical Research and Perspectives is dedicated to publishing papers and other works that employ critical perspectives on rehabilitation. The creation of this focused section of JHR presents an exciting opportunity to showcase rigorous critical rehabilitation research and scholarship. See the full call for papers here.

We seek submissions that explore the application of critical, post-structural, or postmodern theories (broadly defined) to advance understandings of rehabilitation – including original research, think pieces, and theoretical discussions of the philosophical basis of rehabilitation practices, education, and/or research. Submissions are welcome that experiment with form or content and/or include collaborators from the humanities and other diverse disciplines. All submissions should have a clear link to rehabilitation, including the implications for education, practice, and/or research.

Topics may include but are not limited to:

  • Rehabilitation’s approaches to alterity and otherness, abnormality, deviance, difference, and disability
  • Post-colonial, indigenous, feminist, queer, and/or other research and scholarship addressing power asymmetries inherent in rehabilitation practice, particularly where they marginalise some groups at the expense of others
  • Problematisations of the philosophical underpinnings of rehabilitation, its logics, and its core concepts and practices such as client-centred care, independence, and evidence-based practice
  • Genealogies of rehabilitation practices
  • Creative/critical approaches to research and knowledge production
  • Critical explorations of the body and embodiment in health and rehabilitation
  • New materialist critiques of humanism and the implications for rehabilitation
  • Critical pedagogies and their application to the education of rehabilitation professionals
  • Investigations of stigma and other harmful but hidden effects of practice-as-usual
  • Critical/postmodern approaches to rehabilitation ethics
  • Inter- and transdisciplinary perspectives on rehabilitation, particularly from diverse disciplines uncommon in mainstream rehabilitation scholarship/practice, including disability studies, anthropology, the arts, cultural studies, critical theory, education, geography, historiography, linguistics, philosophy, politics, and sociology

We encourage contributors around the world to provide a critical perspective on current rehabilitation practices, policy, education and/or research and submit their work to JHR. See here for more information.

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