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Wake-Up Your Joints with New Rosehip and Ginger Supplement

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We could all be jumping out of bed in the morning with the launch of a new rosehip-based supplement with the added benefits of ginger extract, aimed specifically at reducing morning joint stiffness and improving muscle recovery.

The new supplement, GOPO Joint Health Plus Ginger, combines an active rosehip compound which is proven to reduce joint pain, stiffness and improve joint mobility, with extracts of ginger, also known for its powerful ability to relieve pain in musculoskeletal conditions, thanks to its various active components

Morning joint stiffness is often an early indication of osteoarthritis (OA), a common chronic joint condition which can arise in any synovial joint in the body and is frequently experienced in the knee and hip joints.

Over time, the ‘wear and tear’ of joints can cause inflammation and accelerate the deterioration of cartilage inside the joint. It’s a painful condition that may occur naturally due to ageing, or as a result of an active lifestyle.

Leading physiotherapist, Sammy Margo, who has over 30 years’ experience in treating patients with chronic joint conditions, comments: ‘Joint stiffness or pain, especially in the load-bearing joints such as the knees or lower back, could be a warning sign for the start of something more serious and can affect anyone at any age. Young adults are just as at risk of developing joint conditions from repetitive injuries or over-usage as an adult that experiences arthritic conditions due to their age.

‘Early intervention is key, especially when dealing with the impact of joint conditions on an ever-ageing population, and by adding a supplement to your daily routine, alongside maintaining a well-balanced and varied diet, can offer additional support to achieving optimal joint health. The double anti-inflammatory effects of GOPO and ginger combined provide targeted relief to safeguard your joints and maintain an active lifestyle.’

Ginger has been shown to reduce the symptoms of OA in the knee with reduced knee pain and stiffness. Taking ginger at the early stages of OA before the knee joint destructs offers the best results and can help to reduce the severity and frequency of joint pain, protecting the knee from total joint destruction.

GOPO Joint Health Plus Ginger is the first UK supplement to contain the unique combination of ginger extracts with the powerful anti-inflammatory GOPO – a galactolipid extracted from the seeds and husks of the rosa canina plant. Research suggests that both active compounds offer multiple benefits, for instance:

GOPO Joint Health Plus Ginger is available to purchase from Amazon, pharmacies nationwide and directly from their website.

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