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Joint Initiative to Train Veterinary Managers on Mental Health in the Workplace Announced

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A new joint training initiative from the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons’ Mind Matters Initiative and the Veterinary Management Group (VMG) will aim to educate veterinary leaders and managers on mental health in the workplace.

The collaboration will be delivered by the VMG’s online learning platform and can either be taken as a free standalone module, or as a module for those already undertaking VMG’s accredited veterinary leadership and management qualifications.

The module will be delivered via online resources and reading materials and two case study-based online workshops delivered by Mind Matters Manager Lisa Quigley to consolidate and contextualise the online learning materials. The first workshop will cover the Equality Act, mental health and reasonable adjustments, while the second will cover return to work for those who have taken time off due to mental ill-health and how to plan for their continued safety and wellness.

Lisa Quigley, Mind Matters Manager, explained: ‘We’re very thankful to VMG for integrating our mental health training materials onto their online platform and in their popular courses. Attitudes and behaviours towards colleagues with mental ill-health are influenced by those at the top. Direct line managers play an absolutely crucial role in our wellbeing and mental health, therefore equipping managers with these tools is an essential part in improving and supporting the mental health of the veterinary workforce.

‘If veterinary managers and leaders have been trained in legal obligations and how to properly support colleagues and reintegrate them back into working life, then we can hopefully see a culture shift throughout the professions to make a place where veterinary professionals can continue to work and indeed thrive as veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses.’

The standalone module is expected to be launched soon – if anyone wants to express an interest in taking part in the module they can contact Hannah Perrin, VMG Learning & Development manager (hannah.perrin@vetmg.com). 

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