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Join WisdoMania for 2 Days of Free Wellness and Creativity in LA

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Feeling alone with your struggles? Think again. Whatever mountain you’re facing, know this: someone else is climbing a steeper one, maybe even without shoes. It’s a tough pill to swallow but also a strangely comforting thought. We’re all on this wild ride together, facing our own battles, yet we’re never truly alone. This is the heart and soul of the upcoming WisdoMania Fest, a free, inclusive, all-ages event dedicated to self-care, creativity, mental health, and entertainment.

Created with love by X. ARI and Torri Shack, two warriors who’ve turned their pain into a rallying cry for empowerment, this event is a beacon of hope and a testament to the power of connection.

ARI, a queer artist and the life force behind the WisdoMania Foundation, has journeyed from the depths of co-morbid mental health disorders to a life filled with purpose, balance, and joy through self-care, therapy, and creativity. As a survivor herself, X. Ari believes in the power of community and its ability to heal. “Speak up and get the help you need and deserve,” she encourages. “No one is alone. Even when you’re by yourself, your inner child and spirit guides are always with you.”


Torri Shack, a beacon of resilience and a voice for the LGBTQIA2S+ community, shares wisdom forged in the fires of adversity: “Resilience is a skill learned in the crucible of adversity. It’s about bouncing back and using those experiences to fuel growth. We all have the power to choose our response to life’s challenges.” Through his brainchild, the Tangible Movement, Torri aims to destigmatise mental health and addiction, advocating for a world where seeking help is not just accepted but encouraged.

“I encourage others to see resilience as a dynamic process of adapting in the face of adversity, trauma, tragedy, or significant sources of stress,” Torri shares. “By sharing my journey, I’m reminding others that life’s trials, while challenging, can lead to profound personal transformation and a deepened capacity for empathy and connection with others.”

WisdoMania Fest is where these messages come to life. Happening on May 17th and 19th, this will be more than just an event; X. ARI and Torri hope to launch a movement that will send ripples across the mental health awareness space. Ultimately, they aim to create a place where you can truly be yourself, surrounded by people who get it because they’ve been there. It aims to be a platform where creativity meets wellness and the arts become a powerful healing and connection tool.

This year’s WisdoMania Fest kicks off with a blend of yoga, dance, a soundbath, and live music at Griffith Park, offering a sanctuary where bodies and minds can move freely, unburdened by the world outside. Day two offers songwriting workshops at Catch One that invite you to pour your story into music, mental health panels that provide insights and understanding, and performances that resonate with every fibre of your being.

WisdoMania dreams big – envisioning a world where thousands unite to heal, create, and celebrate life beyond the shadows of their battles. It’s a call to everyone, regardless of where you’re from or what you’re going through, to unite and transform everyone’s individual experiences into a symphony of resilience and joy.

So, if you’re tired of feeling alone, if you’re craving connection and a space where your story is heard and valued, WisdoMania Fest is where you need to be. Let’s make history, heal, and harness our collective power to face whatever comes next, hand in hand, heart to heart. Together, people are stronger, louder, and unbreakable.

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